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How to use the weather when creating a search strategy

I recently heard Tom Smith from Fast Web Media speak about the impact weather can have in search marketing. Admittedly, he was discussing how weather can be used to benefit PPC campaigns, however there are a good number of websites out there that could benefit from the QDF algorithm when it comes to weather.

Weather has a massive impact on search trends, whenever there is bright weather there is a mini-spending boom. We’ve known for years that the hottest day of the year tends to be the day that most people take money out of cash machines – think about it, they’ve all heading down to the pub or the to park, buying beer and/or ice cream.

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What are the buying trends in hot weather online

Interestingly this trend is also seen online. Tom said “counter-intuitively, when the weather hits 30 degrees we find that people are more likely to spend money online” and in the reverse, this can also be seen when the weather gets cold – in the last few days for example there has been a massive surge according to Google Trends, in people searching for sledges – it’s pretty obvious when you think about it but by applying a rationale and methodology around it search marketers should be able to pick up a significant amount of traffic.

Tom Smith recounted how they’d applied this approach to one of their clients by reviewing traffic and buying trends over the last 5 years and then compared this back to weather trends and seasonality. By hanging a PPC strategy around this they’ve managed to create big increases for their clients. I believe this could also be worked from an SEO point of view – keeping an eye on the weather trends and working your content around it. Think seasonal content calendar with a good degree of movement based on the weather.

How to use news to benefit in search from weather changes

Thinking about QDF, you want to make sure you’re getting those weather related news articles out there as soon as possible when the weather changes, relating things back to the sector you’re taking could give you a good leap.

Again this is all about understanding what your audience needs or wants – it’s pretty simple but if you’re in a competitive marketplace this could be one of those areas that could give you the competitive advantage.

How to use the weather when creating a search strategy

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