An organisation has to be able to present itself in a more human manner in order to generate a more appealing perception to the general public. Senior execs who regularly interact with your business’ clients and customers can add significant value to your business marketing strategy through Twitter.

Social media has become far more important and an seo consultant I recognize it’s time for me to start informing people about the benefits to their search engine optimisation from the use of Twitter.

How to Build Solid Relationships with Customers on Twitter

  1. Share things about yourself on a personal level, you don’t have to give absolutely everything flush of the toilet away, however some real-time updates about things not necessarily corporate related will allow your followers to relate to you and your business.
  2. Share the good and the bad about the company, don’t think that you always have to Tweet about the things that are going well, if you’re having a bad day, if the business is having a bad month, say so. You’ll be surprised how much other people will be there to help you out.
  3. Have multiple Twitter users, this way you can get a lot more coverage for your business.

Be quick about it!

Twitter is a real-time platform, if you hang around for hours after a tweet has been sent out you’ve probably lost the momentum of the thoughts/conversation. If you see breaking news make sure you share it or comment on it when you see it, this will help you keep ahead of the curve.

Use Twitter games

Use hashtags where you can and encourage your users to join in and perpetuate the hashtags. A good plan is to use the products and services your interested in as hashtags – and be sure to keep an eye on trending topics and use those hashtags as well.

Ask for Help in Whatever You’re Doing

If you’re about to name your new product or service why not tweet to all your followers asking for their opinion and suggestions. The fact that you trust them so much to put it out there to them will really inspire them and will make them trust you and your tweets even more than they had before. Hopefully they’ll do more than that and they’ll share your naming request to their followers increasing the virility of your social media marketing campaign.

How to use Conferences to improve your Twitter following

You should go to conferences and seminars whenever possible, whilst there be sure to let yourself known. You’ll have loads of opportunities to give people your twitter profile (often when you attend your twitter profile is associated with your data and hand held scanners allow exhibitors to get your details). When you are watching speakers try to interact with them, quoting them is a good way to get them and other attendees to interact with you.

What Tools are best to track your Twitter progress?

There are a wide range of tools that can be used to find out more information about your twitter followers. These include:

  • TweetStats – this produces multi-coloured graphs giving you information in various different time periods based on Twitter use, which tweets are replied to the most and your exposure to autobots.
  • Tweet Clouds – there are various TwitterClouds, these let you know about what Twitter users are talking about the most meaning you can work out what to talk about as well – you can review your own tweets and those of your followers
  • Intwition – this lets you know what your followers ‘care’ about
  • Twitter Universe – this allows you to find out what people are talking about accross the whole of the Twitterverse

Twitter is one of the most powerful tools in the internet marketing sphere to generate good will towards your business as well in helping you build up your own personal brand in the future. The more followers you have the more opportunity you’ve got to get your organisations good work out there. The best advice is probably to say, get on there, tweet regularly, talk to people you know and try and engage with those you don’t and be natural, it’s a communication channel not a sales channel.


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