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How To Use Twitter Website Card Ads to Increase CTR?

Tweeting a tweet is pretty straightforward. You can type anything you want within the characters and press “tweet”. However, delivering a tweet that can be clicked on is a different story and is also science.

Defining A “Click” On A Tweet

What does defining a “click on a tweet” actually mean. There are many different ways in which a social media user can tap on your tweet they can;

  1. Retweet one of your tweets
  2. Like and favourite your tweets
  3. Tap on your hashtags
  4. Click on any of your mentions
  5. Tap and click on your links
  6. Tap on your images
  7. Click on the areas of the page to expand your tweet
  8. Tap on your username or face to view your profile.
  9. Tap on the follow button to follow your page.


 What Are Website Cards?

Website cards are an ad from Twitter that can work on both desktop and other devices, e.g. a mobile device. These work by driving new traffic to your page with more space than a regular tweet on a larger scale.

The social media handle has said that website cards reduce the cost per click on a tweet by 80% whilst also increasing the levels of engagement by 25% and more, and click rates have gone up to 64%.

What Are The Different Types Of Website Cards?

Gallery Card

 This card shows a section of four shaped images whose borders have separated. Pictures with this kind of background eliminate the wall as they will then have a more seamless look.

You can include four images and link this to a full page of them, which helps you appeal to your readers and customers all at once.

Photo Card

 This card enables you to use one single image but at a larger scale. This image should be at least 280/150, as these images need to be long enough to fit the ratio.

The image used will then be resized to the appropriate device option, e.g. desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

How To Get More Clicks?

  1. Include Images

Having images in your Twitter posts will help you gain more followers, increase your click rate, and boost it to 18%. Try also to use these to increase your website visibility too.

  1. Title Advantage

One of the essential parts of your content is the title that helps the words flow. Tags are what helps your readers to click on your content in the first place.

So, include the keyword that is your title and what the content is about in your Twitter post.

  1. Be Clear

Since Twitter is a trendy social media platform that includes thousands of tweets a day, people will only have the chance to read your tweet once.

Image of Twitter on smartphone to depict blog about new Twitter update

This is why it is crucial to get what you are trying to say in the best way possible but done in an understandable way. So, ensure that your customers and readers see what you offer through this content.

How Can Twitter Ads Help With Sales?

Decide What You Want Your Campaign To Achieve

 Using Twitter ads can help them achieve many different objectives in their business. However, to see these ads succeed, you need to be able to decide what you what this campaign to achieve.

 Write Enticing Tweets For Your Ads

Having and creating a knowledgeable tweet is easier to do if you have some sort of background in copywriting. However, you can use other areas of information to help you create something savvy and engaging. 

How To Use Twitter Website Card Ads to Increase CTR?

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