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How to View Sales for an Individual Product on Amazon

To see the sales for a particular product on Amazon, you need to look at its overall performance and see where it matches up to some items that might be in the same category as yours.

Finding your Amazon sales and where they are ranking is probably one of the easiest ways to see this kind of information.

What Does Amazon Sales Rank Mean?

With all the different categories Amazon has on its website for every shopper’s needs, they rank which products they think will sell the most within that particular category.

Amazon’s marketplace is a broad division of different items that can fit into so many different categories and subcategories. You can see how Amazon and its sales process rank items in this list.

How Can You Find Your Amazon Sales Rank?

For every single product that is a part of Amazon’s sale rank in their marketplace, you can then find the direct link to this particular page. Once you have found the page, simply find the main product page and move down until you see an area titled product information.

What Are Some Of The Steps To Finding Amazon’s Sales Information?

  1. Step one: choose a product that you are looking for
  2. Step two: install the amazon extension
  3. Step three: search for what you want on Amazon
  4. Step four: put all information together with the extension
  5. Step five: look through all of the different niche trends
  6. Step six: use other searching methods and keywords
  7. Step seven: use more tools for additional research purposes
  8. Step eight: look at the most frequently asked questions

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How To Find How Many Sales A Particular Seller Has Made?

You can find out about the sales of a particular seller by using the extension that has been previously mentioned. Type in the seller you are looking for, click on their main store page and launch the attachment you have included.

Include all of the data you have put together, and add the amazon sales data for all your products in the same team.

Viewing Different Products and Its Sales Data In An Individual Way Through Amazon

If your business has more than one item to sell, and you want to find out the overall levels of what the data looks like, you can find your detail page and click on the sales and traffic option. You will find this option under the seller’s central dashboard on Amazon.

There are two main ways this happens with Amazon and how they work things out for these two works. The main two steps are:

  1. The individual and their seller’s plan

This kind of amazon seller plan is for the sellers who only sell a certain number of items, say forty, as an example. I should also explain that this is just when the seller has sold one thing, so there will still be a significant number left.

These plans do not need to have a fee added to them, but sometimes you can be charged just a tiny amount per item you sell and a small portion of the costs.

  1. The professional and their seller plan

This is the plan that includes all of the technical sides of amazon and their sales process, which amazon as a business doesn’t find helpful, especially when trying to help all of the individual sellers.

Would You Like An Easier Way To Find This Amazon Information?

Pulling up the main product page on amazon’s website and finding this information daily for every single item you sell currently or in the future can sometimes seem a bit pointless.

Instead, use another source like Market Scout, and they import the information they have found for your business and what you may need on either a word document or a spreadsheet, so you can see everything there and then and how your sales are ranking.

How To Find Your Sales History?

You can find how your sales are doing based on how they are trending on Amazon’s sales rank and your catalogue under your sales history tab on your pricing page. Then under the main settings, the column or list that will come up is:

  1. How many unit sales you have made in the last month?
  2. The percentage change in your sales within the last month

This can also be viewed by you looking at this from a graph standpoint and for a specific listing too. Simply click on the value shown in your previous history column for this particular listing.

How Can You Find What Products Sell The Best On Amazon?

All Amazon sellers will try their hardest to ensure they are the best sellers on this kind of website and the best sellers page. Once you have found this page, you will see which sellers are the top kind of performers on amazon.

How to View Sales for an Individual Product on Amazon

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