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How to Withdraw Your ClickBank Money to Your Bank

Click bank is an affiliate with a link to a marketplace for different businesses that can help them sell items from their company and include other writers interested in these products so they can promote them.

You have decided that you would like to promote something on your website. The money you have earnt from this project can be added to your click bank account, so you can see how much you are getting.

What Are Some Of The Different Click Bank Payment Methods?

Click bank has four main payment methods you can use when paying for the service that has been shown on your website and sent to your bank, and these are check, a direct debit, bank transfer or an e-commerce payment option.

A check payment option 

Having the option to pay by check into your bank account is usually a default option when you are working with Click bank. This will only happen when you have made this option, as you will receive it through the post to your given address.

Direct debit payment option 

Choosing to go for a direct debit transfer via your bank is supported by Click bank. Your bank can clear this payment for you with no additional fees.

For this to go through, you will need to provide them with the correct information of your details, and they must follow the proper protocols; you will get a notification when this has been successful.

Bank transfer option

A bank transfer is similar to a direct debit but works on many other levels. This is a great money transfer option if you cannot use any of the different options and want to keep your details private and not use a check. Bank transfers work in all countries.

E- commerce payment option 

Including the e-commerce payment option is a third-party process similar to something like PayPal. They are known for working in many different countries worldwide and have low fees. For this to work, you must go on the website or app and sign up to create an account.

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How Can You Get Paid Your Click Bank Withdraw Through PayPal?

The Click bank owners who have decided to use PayPal as their payment method when receiving the money for their bank from sales they have sold will get this through a payment option that will show up in their Click bank transaction log.

You will not receive any payment for PayPal if you make other transactions through Click bank.

What Steps Do You Need To Take To Receive Your Money Through E-commerce?

Once you have signed up for the right e-commerce and click bank service that suits your marketing business, there are five simple steps that you can do to ensure that all of your details are correct for your bank and their process.

  1. Login in to your Click bank account
  2. Click on your settings in your account
  3.  Scroll down to the payment options and click amend
  4.   Once on the payment edit page, click the chance you want to choose, select the country you are from, and enter your bank details.
  5. Once you have saved your details, click save changes, and your payments will start to come through.

Is There Some Other Click bank Withdraw Options?

Click bank can ensure you get your money in so many different ways, some of which we have already discussed as mentioned above.

When you receive a notification saying you have made a sale or have earnt a small amount of money, you will receive what you have earnt in a matter of six weeks. They will also get a small part of the commissions as they are the company that helped you with this sale.

Be aware that when you get these payments through to your bank, Click bank will get a small amount due to a fee linked to what has been sold, but the rest of the money is yours, and it will stay the same.

How To Find That Your Click Bank Withdraw Has Gone Through?

When you go on your bank account or your Click bank account, you will be able to see the payment come up, and the time, date, place, and amount will show up, so you have a record of what is coming out of your account and also what for.

There are other ways to prove that these sales have gone through going on the websites and apps of PayPal, Click bank and the other services you choose to use to see where the withdrawal is coming from.

This is an excellent tip for all marketers and sellers as you can find this kind of information with a button.

How to Withdraw Your ClickBank Money to Your Bank?

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