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How To Write A Meta Description That Will Boost Your SEO-Visual Guide

Contrary to popular belief, a meta description isn’t a ranking factor. By that, I mean Google doesn’t especially care what your meta description says. But knowing how to write a meta description correctly can really help your website to rank in the search engines and increase traffic to your site.

We have produced this hand guide on how to write a meta description that will actually help your website become more visible.

And the best bit? In true GrowTraffic style, it is jargon-free.

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But first, the basics.

What Is A Meta Description?

A meta description is a bit of code that goes into your website that gives a quick summary of the page.

It is usually displayed underneath the URL in the search engine results page.

Meta description example

Although Google doesn’t look to it to decide what the page is about and where to rank it, a great meta description will help your page to rank.

Confused? Yep!

A meta description helps your page to rank by increasing click-through rate. This is the amount of people who click through to your website.

Google ranks popular websites higher than unpopular ones. It assumes a popular one has something good on it, something that is really relevant to the search query. No spam. All the good stuff we all know and love from websites.

So, put simply, the more people you get on your website the better (as long as they are engaged and interested in what you have.

That is why it is really important that you know how to write a meta description.

>>Download the guide here!<<<

How To Write A Meta Description

1) Keep it between 155-160 characters (including spaces). Any longer and it will be truncated.

2) Summarise what the page is about and keep it relevant.

3) Include your key phrase. Anywhere in it is fine but make it natural.

4) Make it active and engaging. You are trying to entice people to your website so use active copy that tells the reader WHY they should come to your site.

5) Include a call to action. Give them a reason to click.

How Not To Write A Meta Description

1) Don’t have two the same on your site. No copying and pasting. Changing the key phrase still counts as copying.

2) Don’t include quotation marks. For nerdy code reasons.

3) Anything less than 50 characters is too short. It doesn’t give you enough scope to write something really good.

4) Keep it relevant. Don’t stuff a load of key phrases in and don’t do a generic meta description. Write a meta description that is unique to each page.

>>Download the guide here!<<<

how to write a meta description

Example Of A Meta Description

Taking into account all of the above the meta description for this post, for example, will be something like:

Write a meta description that will get you more web traffic by following our easy to follow guide! Optimise like a pro! Download the guide today!  

If you would like to find out more or to get some help with your SEO, give us a call on 0161 706 0012 or email info@growtraffic.co.uk. We would love to hear your meta description!

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