How to Write Blog Posts Faster Without Affecting Content Quality

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How to Write Blog Posts Faster Without Affecting Content Quality

Despite the focus on content adding value thanks to Google’s Helpful Content Update, we understand the desire for churning out content. One of the key tips we share with business owners is that consistency is key when it comes to content; whether that be social media posts, blogs or podcast episodes – how consistent you are with uploading content plays a huge role in so many areas of your marketing, from SEO to maintaining customer relationships.

Starting a blog for your business is one of the most significant cogs in the content marketing machine. If it’s not only to drive more traffic to your site and please the search engines, blogging offers so many benefits to your website, and in turn your business.

With that being said, however, high quality blog posts take time to produce!

Finding the balance between quality and consistency is no mean feat! This blog aims to share how to write blog posts faster without affecting content quality.

So much goes into writing a blog post, the research, the articulation, the uploading. Business owners, understandably, look for ways to save time – so writing blogs faster is of course an appealing option.

Writing quality blog posts takes lots of time, and there are many things that can stand in the way of you producing it quicker:

  • Writer’s block
  • Procrastination
  • Imposter syndrome

Here are our top tips for writing content faster without affecting quality.

Writing Content Faster Without Affecting Quality

If you are wanting to write blog posts faster, try out these techniques.

Use Tools

Whether it be using Chat GPT to help come up with your blog title, or something as simple as having autocorrect installed on your computer. Using tools can not only save time but help you monitor the quality of your work.

Avoid ‘Picking Up Where You Left Off’

Stepping away from a task and coming back to it, only prolongs the task. If you are wanting to churn out some blog posts fast, try writing them in a single sitting. That way you can focus on one piece of work at a time, preserving the quality.

Plan Your Content

Whether it be on a content calendar, writing down the structure of the blog beforehand or bullet-pointing topics to hit, having a clear direction when writing blog posts, as opposed to just writing aimlessly, will help save time and preserve a high level of quality.

Set Goals

Whether that be how many words you need to hit, or how many topics you would like to discuss in your blog post, understanding the end goal will help drive your blog post and get you from A to B quicker.


We, of course, can sing praises of outsourcing. Working with a well established content marketing agency to produce blog posts for you not only ensure high faulty throughout all your content but also takes the time strain off yourself!

Blog Posts With GrowTraffic

If outsourcing your blog posts is an option that is attractive to you, this leads us nicely onto to offering a solution – us!

At GrowTraffic, our team specialise in delivering high quality content, including blog posts, to our clients, taking the time strain away from them. GrowTraffic specialises in delivering content that drives a business toward its end goal. High quality content, with a purpose, is what attracts people to you and your brand, educating them and signposting to your services, and as a result, growing your business.

If you would like to learn more about how to write blog posts faster without affecting content quality, or discuss the option of outsourcing your blogs to a reputable digital marketing agency, get in touch!

You can reach a member of our team by calling us on 0161 706 0012 or dropping a line at

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