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I Hate Writing Content!

OK – I’ve said it, I hate writing content. I’m a marketer in a world of content marketing, I’m a freelance seo consultant that spends a lot of his time writing content and I work as a brand marketing manager in my day to day role and I’ve still want to say I hate writing content. Hmmm maybe I’m overstating it, but here we go!Every time I sit down to write a blog I think to myself, how many times have I written this blog post, how many times have I talked about being a marketer or being a freelance seo consultant. How many times have I written something, simply thinking about its potential seo benefit only to find a few weeks later that it’s had minimal impact and nothing has really happened to my rankings.

So – there are lots of questions there and the answer to most of those questions in LOTS! But the fact that I’ve failed so many times over the years with my content marketing approach shouldn’t really be the point. There are plenty of times that I have been successful. There are plenty of times that I’ve been able to affect a positive impact on search engine rankings just by writing a well placed and well-timed blog post.

There are times when I’ve been able to implement a content marketing strategy to grow a websites rankings. A good example of this was the time I dropped down to position 44 from position 1 for the term freelance seo consultant, I wrote my way back to the top of the search engines again managing to secure position 3 for the term at my most prolific period of activity.

But I’ve written too many blogs posts in my time to really love doing them that much anymore. Maybe this cathartic release will be enough to help me retake the love for writing. I worked it out the other day that I’ve written something in the region of 8,000 blog posts on the websites I’ve worked on over the years. The worst thing is only a few thousands of those have any association with my name with me often creating the content for other people to take the glory; where’s the fairness or seo benefits in that? I suppose I did get paid for them.

I’ve created strategies that have been hugely successful for some businesses and exponentially helped them to grow their businesses and traffic online, whilst similar strategies and tactics have simply failed for other businesses. When it’s not working, that’s when you really hate writing more content.

It’s not massively working on GrowTraffic at the moment, despite the new content I add, no matter how much I talk about being a freelance seo consultant, no matter how much I people in the digital marketing community seem to like the content I’m creating it doesn’t seem to help me move up the rankings! Today I hate writing content!

Even now I’m thinking to myself, I wonder how I can get this blog post to the magic 1,200 word mark, the golden limit in which Google is said to reward blog posts. Even now I’m ranting about it, I’m still littering this content with keywords such as freelance seo consultant and digital marketing and blog writing, content marketing etc in some vain hope it might have some kind of positive impact on the rankings of GrowTraffic for those terms. But really I know it won’t and today I hate writing content.

I’d love to hear from you about your experiences of content creation. I’d love to know if people still love the process of creating reims and reaims of content, year after year after year, if it’s still a satisfying experience or if the process of ideation and of content strategy is starting to turn you cold.

OK so I’m having a professional rant about writing content and copy. I write this copy for all different kinds of websites and for many people it has a great impact. When copywriting works it’s fair to say I’d be saying I love writing content; you can’t please everyone all the time! And the very fact that I’ve already written almost 700 words on how much I hate content writing probably goes to show about how I really feel about copywriting, content marketing and its potential benefits for seo and how we use it at GrowTraffic in our capacity as a freelance seo consultancy.

The thing that triggered this blog was that initial thought process, I’m sat on a train and I’m trying to come up with a new blog title, I came up with three, three that I’ve probably written in some format or capacity before and it just made me feel like I’d had enough, it made me feel like I hate writing content for my blog. I’ve not felt like that in a while and the fact that I am feeling like that probably suggests that I need to review my content marketing approach and work on something that will drive some leads through.

I can’t be the only person to find themselves in that position. I can’t be the only person that opens their laptop in the morning to be faced with the ritualistic content creation task, I can’t be the only person to question why we’re all flooding the internet with this drivel, or why we’re pouring our hearts out to the search engines like I am now?

The difference I suppose is that I work with content. I’ve seen the benefits of content marketing and even simple content marketing without a really thought out strategy – just generally going for it can make all the difference. I’m an advocate of content marketing. I was an early adopter. If you want to work with me as a freelance seo consultant for example you’re going to have to accept an element of content marketing to the approach I’m going to put in place to get you up the rankings. That doesn’t mean I always have to admit to loving it. I don’t. Right now I hate writing content but hey, I’m a pro. I’ve been copywriting for the best part of my career in marketing and I’m not about to stop now.

I’ll create you the kind of content that will get you up the rankings, I’ll create the kind of content that will make your kids smile or cry. I’ll create the kind of killer content that makes your customers buy from you and keep coming back for more! I can still do that whilst admitting to you here in this blog that right now, at this very moment, I hate writing content.

Even now I know that should be a natural end to this blog, all it needs is a call to action to say if you’re looking to speak to a freelance seo consultant to carry out some onsite optimisation as well as some content marketing through blogs and outreach then GrowTraffic could be the consultancy for you. Except I’ve still got my seo hat on, I’m still keeping a tally of the word count and I’m still aiming for that all important (apparently) if somewhat arbitrary 1,200 word limit!

So get in touch and have a chat, we know what we’re doing, we understand how hard it is to have to create content day in and day out, still do it well and still make it thought provoking and inspiring – even if this piece if perhaps a bit littered with keywords, a bit ranty and a bit rambly. Sometimes these kinds of blog posts are needed for our sanity!

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