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What Should You Do If You Have Lots of Traffic But No Conversions?

If you are getting lots of web traffic to your website, well done! You are certainly doing something right. You’re a step closer to gaining new customers and/or clients.

However, if your web traffic isn’t converting, it can feel like all your efforts are for nothing. Not to worry though, this issue is relatively common and several things can be done to resolve it.

In this blog, we’re sharing our tips on what you should do if you have lots of traffic but no conversions.

Check The Landing Page

Where are people landing when they click through to your website? Is the landing page consistent with the ad or post they clicked on?

For example, if I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw an advertisement for a floor lamp I liked the look of, I would click on the link expecting it to take me to that specific floor lamp. However, if it instead takes me to the company home page, or somewhere else on the website, I’d be slightly annoyed and probably leave the website.

The landing page should always match up to the web users’ expectations, otherwise, you run the risk of the web user leaving your website straight away. This is a sure-fire way to keep conversion low whilst increasing the bounce rate.

Create Sense Of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is a tried and tested way to convert new leads into paying customers. FOMO (fear of missing out) is real! Us humans hate the thought of missing out on something. To boost conversation rates, offer something that potential customers won’t want to miss out on.

For example, if you offer a service, create a package at an excellent price and only offer a limited number of them. You can even add a little message stating how many packages are left. Alternatively, create a deal that is only available for a limited time period, such as “24% off for 24 hours”.

Clear Call To Action

Not having a clear and consistent call to action is a common mistake made by many website owners. Without a clear call to action, the web user won’t know what to do next.

Plus, only having a call to action on the contact page reduces the chances of your leads converting. Your call to action should be on every page – that way, the web user will know exactly how to get in touch, regardless of the page they land on.

Avoid hiding the CTA at the bottom of the page, it should be visible and clear, without taking over the web page. And don’t forget to test it!

Call to actions can help convert traffic to leads

Add Trust Signals

A web user is more likely to turn into a customer if they feel they can trust you. If your website doesn’t feature trust signals, people will be hesitant to spend their money with you.

The best trust signals include customer reviews, Trustpilot ratings and badges verifying the security of your payment method, such as a PayPal verification badge.

Keep It Clean And Simple

Is your website noisy and messy? Are the pages filled with distractions? A messy website is one of many reasons why your web traffic may not be converting. If you have ads or pop-ups, they should not be obtrusive.

Landing pages should have key information but shouldn’t be stuffed with long paragraphs of boring content.  Headings, sub-headings, images and short paragraphs should be used to keep the website clean and welcoming.

Rethink Your Keywords

If you have specific keywords that are gaining traffic but not converting, it may be worth rethinking your keywords. Perhaps drop the ones that are not converting and replace with something else to see if it makes a difference.

Cut Out Unnecessary Steps

How long is the process between a web user landing on your site and a making a purchase? Are there various steps they need to take? Or distractions preventing them from making the purchase?

For example, if you have an e-commerce website, are you asking customers to create an account before checking out? This could be preventing them from completing the purchase. Instead, ask them to create an account after the purchase is complete.

Web users should have a simple, direct route from landing on your website to making a purchase.

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