Innovative Ways To Use Content Marketing Techniques To Earn Quality Organic Backlinks

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Innovative Ways To Use Content Marketing Techniques To Earn Quality Organic Backlinks

Content marketing helps brands to get their message out there, while at the same time improving SEO and growing its digital presence. When considering SEO and how their content marketing efforts can benefit their website’s rankings, many content marketers focus on backlinks and link building.

Link building gets a bad reputation in today’s SEO world because many people think of idiots buying cheap links back to PBNs and ruining their websites.

While that’s still the case for some companies, most content marketers now realise that these tactics don’t get them anywhere, and can harm their site in the long run. Backlinks are still relevant, even in 2020. Google’s algorithm still relies on backlinks to prove that a website is relevant and worth sharing with users.

That’s why today’s content marketing professionals are turning to organic link building techniques, which are usually part of their content marketing strategy, to earn the backlinks that they need. These techniques include guest posting, offering expert quotes for articles and creating quality blog content.

As an experienced content marketer, I’ve come to notice some effective, but often overlooked ways that companies can earn quality backlinks and boost their brand recognition at the same time. These aren’t the usual tactics that get peddled in almost every content marketing guide, like the broken link method; these are unique and inventive.

To find out more about how you can enhance your content marketing strategy and earn quality backlinks to help you grow your website, read on, and I’ll explain.

Become An Active Quora User

Quora is a Q&A site, which, in my humble opinion, is woefully underused in content marketing. Quora offers many benefits for your digital marketing strategy, including offering you the opportunity to earn quality backlinks.

The site allows you to link back to resources and websites, as long as the links are relevant and aren’t overly promotional.

As the below screenshot shows, the site will automatically convert your URL into a hyperlink on the title of your content, so that you don’t have to worry about choosing the right anchor text.

Hannah Stevenson on Quora

If you include backlinks to your website in every response on Quora, then users, and eventually the site itself will become suspicious.

To avoid this, you should post regularly and only include backlinks when relevant. Spend ten to twenty minutes a day on Quora, and try to only include a link in one or two of your posts. That might sound like a lot of time, but it’s surprisingly fun answering questions on your specialist subject

By answering lots of questions without including a backlink, you’ll show that you’re not only posting for the link but also to share your knowledge with interested readers.

Quora can also be a valuable platform for building relationships with potential clients and generating leads. That’s because users are clearly interested in your solution, as they’re asking about the problems that it could help them to solve.

Take the time to understand Quora, and you could find that it’s a more useful content marketing tool than you first thought.

Do Interviews On Popular Podcasts

Most business leaders love listening to podcasts on all sorts of topics, but have you ever considered taking part in one?

You don’t have to host your own podcast; simply apply to contribute to relevant podcasts to get your name out there and share your thoughts.

Many podcasts have a website, where they showcase the latest episodes and offer exclusive content, so you can ask for a link back to your site in exchange for your interview.

Interviewing industry experts benefits the podcast host, as they get to use your prestige to expand their reach, and they’ll also receive free publicity from you.

Start by applying for the podcasts that you enjoy listening to, then as you start getting more interviews, you can branch out and offer the benefit of your wisdom to even more podcasts.

Encourage Social Media Users To Share Your Link

Backlinks on social media are usually no-follow, and as a result, they won’t benefit your site’s rankings.

However, that doesn’t mean that social media backlinks are useless, or that you can’t use your platform to earn do-follow links.

One approach to get users to share your link on their own website or blog is to host a giveaway or competition on social media. When you’re setting out the conditions, you can ask that entrants include a backlink on their website; perhaps a specific URL so that you can track how many people use it.

Giveaways and competitions are both fun ways to interact with your followers, as well as offering you the chance to earn backlinks for your website.

You should also share regular posts on social media, some of which will contain backlinks to relevant blog content on your website. By sharing this content, you’ll increase traffic for these pages and potentially catch the eye of content creators who are seeking relevant sources of information.

They might include a link to your content in their work to add authority and show that they’ve done their research.

Be creative with your social media content, and soon you’ll find even more ways to use these platforms to get more backlinks, improve your brand authority and much more.

Add Expert Quotes To Your Content

Including quotes from your industry peers in your blog content and written articles might sound counterproductive, but it can be a great way to earn quality backlinks.

If you ask every contributor to share a link back to your content on their website in return for the mention on yours, then you’ll quickly earn a selection of quality backlinks. You’ll also have control over the links that you earn, as you can be discerning when inviting industry experts to contribute to your work.

Adding expert quotes to your content might seem daunting, but it’s easier than you might think. As well as offering you the chance to earn backlinks, this tactic also allows you to use their brand to grow your following. It also saves you time when creating your content, which is another bonus.

Release Regular Press Releases

Press releases might seem outdated, especially now that traditional media has been overtaken by digital content, but they’re still relevant and useful in 2020. You just need to learn how to use press releases effectively.

By sharing regular press releases, you’ll be able to encourage journalists to share your updates and add a link back to your site, or any resources that you’ve shared.

Consider sharing a press release for quality blog posts, particularly ones that feature eye-opening studies or unique information.

You could also use press releases to share information about the ways that your business is supporting the local community and charity work. This approach is especially valuable in today’s corporate market, where brands are being held accountable for their actions and their response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Most journalists, bloggers and content creators will include a link as standard, but if they don’t, then you can reach out to them and encourage them to include one. You could offer them an incentive, such as an exclusive quote, to improve your chances of getting a coveted backlink.


In 2020, earning quality backlinks involves more than just guest posting and offering to fix broken links. Today, you’ve got to be inventive if you want to quickly earn valuable backlinks that will boost your website’s rankings.

Some SEOs and digital marketers might not want to use the techniques that give them limited control over the backlinks that they earn, but that’s a wasted opportunity. If you do earn poor quality backlinks, then you can disavow them, while continuing to release press releases, encourage social media users to share your link, and more.

For those techniques that require a targeted approach, it’s essential that you review your approach to valuing websites and assessing relevance for link building. You need to make sure that you’re not overlooking quality opportunities because you’re focusing exclusively on one metric, or you’re evaluating the wrong criteria.

The beauty of these techniques is that they can all be added into your content marketing strategy, so you can improve your brand authority at the same time as you earn quality backlinks. Happy content marketing!

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