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International Women’s Day 2020 – Why I Love My Job In SEO

Hello and happy International Women’s Day 2020!

Rachel, the leader of our feminist SEO cult, I mean digital marketing agency, usually writes a post about International Women’s Day, but she’s on holiday this year so I’ve swooped in to talk to you about man-hating and burning our bras.

Just kidding! For International Women’s Day, I want to talk about why I love my job at an SEO agency. Or more specifically, GrowTraffic!

Is SEO A Job For Men?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now a well-established industry but like many tech and tech-adjacent industries, it tends to be dominated by male figures.

Despite there being plenty of successful women in digital, successful males have been propelled to cult leader status; further perpetuating the false idea that this is a male job. But, it’s 2020 and we know there is no such thing as ‘men’s jobs’- we’re all capable of learning new skills and doing the same jobs.

There aren’t too many stats on the gender split in the search industry – the only information I can find to back up what I’m saying is the Moz Online Marketing Industry Survey from 2015, which says the percentage of men working in SEO is almost 70%. Pay Per Click (PPC) was even higher at 80%.

But believe me when I tell you it’s a male-dominated industry. This presents a problem because it can give people the false impression that women don’t know what we’re talking about when it comes to SEO or anything digital. Particularly technical SEO.

It can also act as a barrier when it comes to welcoming new talent to the industry – think how many talented, enthusiastic women could be out there shying away from the SEO because they feel they wouldn’t be accepted or even respected?

Why I Love SEO

Despite the above, it isn’t all gloom and doom in the SEO industry for us women, in fact, when you work for a company like GrowTraffic, it’s pretty marvellous!

I’ve worked in marketing for over ten years, but only began to specialise in digital marketing around four years ago, and then narrowed it down to SEO when I joined GrowTraffic. Marketing has always appealed to me because of the psychology behind it – I was fascinated by how words, images, adverts can all potentially change the way someone thinks and of course, the way they buy.

Despite SEO having a lot of technical areas, psychology is still an important part of the process and I enjoy the mix in my job between analytical and human thinking.

My days are very varied – one day I’m using critical thinking to solve a problem, others I’m having fun and producing content I know is pleasing to read for human eyeballs, not just Google! The variety in my role always keeps me interested and the challenges I come up against keep me motivated.

That said, I do believe one of the reasons I love SEO so much is because I work for GrowTraffic.

Why GrowTraffic Are The Best SEO Agency (In My Opinion!)

Would I have ever decided to settle in SEO if it wasn’t for GrowTraffic? I’m not so sure. The industry seemed inaccessible and in my previous marketing roles we outsourced a lot of digital marketing, especially SEO, so I never had the chance to be as involved as I would have liked.

Joining GrowTraffic I was encouraged to learn, grow (boom boom!), and become confident in my own abilities.

My colleagues are all amazing but Rachel, our MD, or cult leader, and Hannah, our Commercial Director have had a huge influence on me.

Rachel, like me, has a copywriting background and has been a shining example of how the ability to influence with words blends perfectly with SEO. She hasn’t had to abandon her love of writing to run a digital marketing agency. And Hannah has leant everything from scratch, proving that a career in SEO is entirely possible when you just get stuck in and are ok with constant learning (and then re-learning – thanks Google!)

Aside from that, Rachel has been clear from day one that GrowTraffic must be a great place to work for women. By being the type of business that women want to work for, men will too. Rachel wrote about it here on International Women’s Day 2019.

Girls still rule the roost here at GrowTraffic, with four of us and two male staff members. Chloe has joined us since last year and has been so fast to learn what we do and become a much-valued member of the team (she’s dead funny too – a sense of humour is a must to work with us lot)

We believe our girl power team is good for business too; clients like working with a team of women who know what they’re talking about, get stuff done and don’t bullshit.

Lots of other agencies are too focussed on technical SEO and often confuse clients and lose them in tech jargon. At GrowTraffic, we’re all passionate about customer-centric content and user experiences, critical elements of SEO which are often pushed to the bottom of the list by other agencies and erm, well, a lot of men in the industry.

I like, and know, that GrowTraffic makes SEO both balanced and accessible to clients.

I got carried away writing this, but I’m going to round it up now by wishing my colleagues and all the other women in SEO a very happy IWD!

Rachel, Hannah and Chloe – you rock! (Jamie and Dalley are alright too)

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