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Content Marketing Consultancy

Content marketing is the process of content creation and promotion, it forms part of a business’ customer acquisition and retention strategy.

As a freelance content marketing consultant I work with clients to come up with clearly defined, well researched content marketing strategies which will ensure the content produced is engaging, useful, is related to the product(s) / service of the business, can be promoted and will ultimately encourage sales.

Different types of contentYou’ve found this website, so I’m going to assume you understand what content marketing is and have some idea about how you’d like to work with a freelance content marketing consultant. GrowTraffic is able to create content for you or simply consult on your content marketing approach.

What can a freelance content marketing consultant do for you?

To give you an idea about what I can achieve as a freelance content marketer, for one company I was able to write 3 – 4 blogs a day, promote them through various channels, including social media marketing and with a designer, create and promote several infographics a week, send out 4 targeted email marketing campaigns a week and create and distribute 1 – 2 press releases a month.

There’s loads more I would have liked to have done with that company including the creation of videos and podcasts however the written content was the most cost effective tactical approach for us to produce and promote for them.

What I’ve described above is a content marketing strategy example that involves the creation of a reasonable amount of content. The thing is, many companies out there won’t be able to justify the creation of that much content. If you’re struggling to employ or engage someone to create content I’d suggest you need to be looking at what content you can produce.

Working with a consultancy like ours rather than one of the larger content marketing agencies means you’ll get affordable content marketing services and have more involvement in the day to day development and implementation of strategy.

We offer a copy-orientated seo focused content marketing methodology which we largely distribute through social media activity. However we can put in place content atomisation tactics which involves using the content we create to develop additional pieces of content, such as videos, infographics and presentations.

Content marketing and SEO

Rachel Weinhold - Freelance SEO CopywriterThere’s a huge amount of value to be derived for seo from a content marketing perspective and often I talk about being a freelance content marketing consultant in this respect. The content you host on your website from your content marketing efforts gives your website a huge amount of relevancy to your core areas of activity. That’s a great place to be and if you’re scratching your head about how to market your business online, look around if your competitors aren’t actively using a content marketing approach then you could get a massive competitive advantage; if they are engaged in a content marketing approach then it’s almost certainly time you catch up!

Your brand’s story should be weaved through every piece of content you create. I always try to add some narrative to the content to give a greater understanding of the message and to reinforce the brand’s tone of voice, in addition when using a tactic such as news-jacking I’d tend to use genuine phraseology of the person of the person within the business I’m quoting, however content marketing isn’t about branding, it’s about acquisition and retention and it should result in an action. That’s where the real value of content marketing is seen.

Get in touch

Of course, the starting point is a content audit. So…. If you’re looking for a freelance content marketing consultant to help develop a content marketing strategy and plan, that’s aligned to the needs of your customers, married up with the product(s) or services you offer, and which aims to elicit a response then get in touch now.