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Freelance Inbound Marketing Services

The internet is changing and everyone in the world of internet marketing are having to rapidly change with it. It used to be that I could say that I’m an SEO and that was enough to encompass what it is that I do, it then changed to search marketer, largely taking into account my role managing pay per click accounts etc but also in order to reflect the way in which the introduction of universal search results had changed what SEOs did.

I often refer to myself as a Finding Strategist, this is a term I cooked yup a few years ago to give people an idea about what I do – I help people find the content my clients are putting out there, it’s a simple term but it conveys the meaning. Over the last couple of years, and largely due to the grow of the social media channels, the whole internet marketing community has come under the same pressure to redefine the activity of internet marketing. The community seems to have settled on the term Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a term used to ecompass everything that takes place offsite. Many people used to and still do call it offsite seo, however this isn’t a satifactory term as there is no real optimisation taking place offsite – it’s just a marketing process. As such the term Inbound Marketing has become acceptable to the internet marketing community and those people who specialise in building links, email marketing, pay per click marketing and social media marketing.

Freelance Inbound Marketing Services

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