Online Press Release

One of the most effective forms of internet marketing is writing and publishing online press releases. The press release generates external content which is essential for the promotion of your brand and website. It also allows for the creation of backlinks to your website, which should be targeted around specific keywords and these, in turn, generate and drive traffic back to the website.

Freelance Online PRPress Release Services

Grow Traffic will write and publish the online press releases on reputable online PR websites and well established traditional publications, generating backlinks, as well as distributing the press release to a number of publications for review.

Online PR vs Offline PR

Although the purpose of online PR is to produce external content and links back to your site (thereby strengthening your site for targetted keywords), a well-structured press release will often be picked up by other organisations and reproduced again increasing the visibility of your website.

As copywriting specialists, GrowTraffic will create press releases that don’t only help you grow your presence online, but which will also engage journalists in well-respected publications to help you generate the maximum reach and lead industry conversations.

If you’re looking to develop a relationship with a freelancer that can offer freelance online PR services then get in touch now.