Freelance Online PR Consultant (Press Releases)

One of the most effective forms of internet marketing is writing and publishing online press releases. The press release generates external content which is essential for the promotion of your brand and website – it also allows for the creation of back links to your website, which should be targeted aronud specific keywords – these in turn generate and drive traffic back to the website.

Freelance Online PRFreelance PR Services

Working on a freelance basis, Grow Traffic will write and publish the online press releases on reputable online PR websites on the internet generating back links, as well as distributing the press release to a number of publications for review.

It’s fair to say that you’ll probably get a great service if you engage a PR agency, however regular PR agencies can often charge a fortune and normally insist on recurring monthly fees to guarantee you maximum exposure (let’s be honest this suits their business model to have regular recurring revenues). On a freelance basis it’s possible to get a similar level of service without having to have to deal with the higher costs of an agency. If you are looking for the security of working with an agency call 01772 686222 and speak to 2am.

Online PR vs Offline PR

Although the purpose of online pr is to produce external content and links back to your site (thereby strengthening your site for the targetted keywords) a well structured press release will be picked up by otherorganisations and reproduced again increasing your websites visibility.

If you’re looking to develop a relationship with a freelancer that can offer freelance online PR services then get in touch now.