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Outreach Link Building Specialists

The age of the cheap link spam is over. But links are still important. In fact, if you want to perform well in the search engines they are probably more important now than ever before. Because in the new world of internet marketing, fewer links, from good quality websites will have a greater and more positive impact.

What is Outreach Link Building?

This is about finding good quality, relevant websites on which you can add some content and get a link back to your own site.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? In a way, it is. Find the websites you want to get a link from and then get in touch with them. But here’s the thing about outreach link building services, it’s all about a real person getting in touch with another person and creating a relationship in which it’s mutually beneficial, ie they get something from you and in return you get one of those magical links, which are the foundation that Google’s results are based on. This could be anything from a piece of content to go on their blog, an infographic or image. Anything that lets you link back to your website.

Is Outreach Link Building Time Consuming?

Absolutely! If you are interested in outreach link building the first thing you need to bear in mind that it takes a lot of time. First of all there is the research phase in which the outreach link builder researches which websites to target, then the process moves onto contacting the website owner or webmaster – these days we tend to call them marketing managers! Contacting the owner or webmaster of a website may be done over the phone, via email or over Twitter (or by any means imaginable!), from the initial group of websites you’ll be left with a group of potentials, each of which will have different requirements and expectations.

Does Outreach Link Building Work?

Getting links in from websites that are authorities in their own specialism, or at least websites that are highly relevant to specific sectors can be very beneficial. It’s important they are active in the way they market themselves as is bound to be of benefit to your website if they link back to you. We look for active and engaged followings on social media.

The links have to be genuine and it’s better if they come in from a page of content. All in all, this is a more time consuming but much more future proof process than that of the old link building methods (such as article marketing, directories, private blog networks and forum profile building).

There is no doubt, outreach link building services is the best type of link building. GrowTraffic has worked with hundreds of different website owners to deliver content, so we have already some sites we can automatically create content on. This is how we make it more cost effective to you. But don’t worry, we only carry this service out for the right kind of client and don’t just add content to the same sites everytime. Relevance and creating content that’s genuinely useful for a website’s audience is key to link building.

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