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If you’re a Lancashire based business it stands to reason you’d want to use a local supplier for your search engine optimisation (SEO) services.

I’m Simon Dalley and I’m been ideally placed to SEO Lancashire business. I’ve been involved in search engine optimisation for the past 8 years and we understand how important it is that I’m only a car journey away. This helps me get a better understanding of clients’ requirements and allows clients to have maximum input in how we optimise and what we optimise for.

For the most part I’ve worked and lived in Lancashire all my life. I was born in Preston, grew up in Euxton near Chorley, have worked on the Fylde Coast near Blackpool, Leyland and in the beautiful Ribble Valley.

Whilst these days, as a Lancashire SEO consultant I generally work from Greater Manchester (be fair, it’s still part of historic County Palatine of Lancashire). GrowTraffic moved to Bacup in East Lancashire in 2013 and is headed up by myself and Rachel – who writes awesome SEO orientated copy – and from where we provide digital marketing services to Rossendale, as well as businesses from further afield. And by that I mean the whole of the UK, not just Burnley!

I believe that digital marketing services are often best carried out by someone with local understanding who can jump in a car and meet up with a client face to face. If you’re looking for SEO Lancashire, Internet Marketing Lancashire and our other Lancashire-centric online services please contact us now or for more information check out search engine optimisation.

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