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SEO Recovery Specialists

GrowTraffic is here to help no matter what you’re looking to do in the arena of search marketing. If you’ve found this SEO recovery page it’s likely you’ve already tried out SEO and have been burned by the process. You’re not the only business out there that has suffered like this and we’re here to help your site recover.

Recently, Google has declared war on SEO. Changes to their index brought about by their Panda and Penguin Updates – and more recent focus on mobile and user experience – lots of the tactics you might have implemented in the past, both on or offsite, may now be causing a Google Penalty or else may be detrimentally impacting your sites ability to rank well.

We’ve been talking to loads of website owners that have either tried a bit of SEO or had an SEO consultant work on their site and many are now feeling lost and confused by the whole process. No matter what you’ve been doing or have had done to the site, whether it was just some links from a few dodgy directories or websites, or if you’ve created thousands of links from a range of blog networks that you have no control of, we can help you out!

Solving Unnatural Link Warning Problems

Dodgy links are so 2012 but their impact can be incredibly long-lasting. Don’t worry though, all is not lost. If you’ve got unnatural link warnings we can put a strategy in place to mitigate the problems and/or penalties these have caused, either by removing them or by counterbalancing their impact.

Winning Back Rankings

If you’re website previously ranked for a phrase, it can definitely rank for it again. It can be hard work, but we’re up for the challenge of making it happen. We will work out what the problem is and put in place a plan to make the site sit back where it’s supposed to sit.

Unfriendly SEO Designs

Many people still think that design has no impact on SEO, however, after the Panda update, there was an attempt made by Google to include some elements of design in the ranking process. As such, we’ll make sure your website is looking as good as it needs to in order to give the right impression of quality to help get the rankings you require for your business.

Get in touch for our SEO Recovery Services Now!

If you’ve had a bad experience with SEO and your rankings have suffered our SEO recovery services could be exactly what you’re looking for. Get in touch now for more information about how we can help you recover your rankings, contact us now.