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How To Use Interviews In Your Content Marketing Strategy

When you think about interviews, your mind likely wanders to journalists, or celebrities promoting their latest film, or that dreadful job interview you had once upon a time. You likely don’t think about your content marketing strategy. But we are here to change that!

Interviews can make a huge impact on your business’ content marketing strategy. The process of turning conversation into content is incredibly beneficial… and easier than you might think.

In this blog, we’re going to show our tips on carrying out interviews and converting the conversation into fresh content for your audience to enjoy.

Who Should I Interview?

When including interviews in your content marketing strategy, your first hurdle will be choosing the right person to interview.

An industry leader will make an excellent interviewee. They have a wealth of knowledge and will pique the interest of lots of people within your industry, including your clients and customers.

Fellow business owners within your industry are also a great choice. Interviewing customers or clients is also useful as they have first-hand experience of your product or service.

And don’t forget about your employees! If you have an audience invested in your team, interviewing an employee can be great, especially if they specialise in a specific area.

How Do I Approach Them?

If you already have a relationship with them, it is much easier to connect and invite them to do an interview. However, if you are aiming to interview something you have never met, such as an industry leader or influencer, you will have to give it a little more thought.

If anything positive has come from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the realisation that we can communicate and collaborate with people from around the globe – without leaving our office/home.

You could start to build up a professional relationship by connecting and interacting with them on social media platforms before contacting them directly. If this is going well, you could choose to contact them via direct messenger on social media.

Alternatively, an email is usually a good idea as it is non-invasive and allows them to think about it and respond in their own time.

how to use interviews in content marketing strategy

When reaching out to your potential interview, you should briefly explain who you are, outline why you would like to interview them specifically and discuss the purpose of the interview.

You should also explain what you are going to do with the interview, for example, where is it going to be published etc.

Don’t be afraid to be honest. If you are a fan of their work – let them know! Building a professional relationship based on mutual interests and respect is key to securing great interviewees.

Preparing For The Interview

Once you and your interviewee have decided on a topic to discuss, you should prepare at least 10 open-ended questions. Think about what the audience may want to know when preparing your questions.

Aim to arrange the questions so they flow naturally from one to another, with the final question leading to a “wrap-up” of the topic. Your questions don’t have to start with when, why, who, what etc. You could also start with “tell me about…”

Ensure you have a solid yet short introduction and ending. You should also brief your interviewee on the questions beforehand, so they have time to prepare informative answers.

Including Interviews In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Interviews can be weaved throughout various aspects of your content marketing strategy. One interview can lead to a blog, video content, infographic, social media posts and organic backlinks!

To get the very most of your interview, ensure it is recorded (like a podcast) or filmed.

Social Media

When carrying out an interview, you should shout about it on social media before, during and after. Create graphics, tag the interviewee’s social media channels and post about it several times.

Beforehand, you can announce the interviewee and ask your social media followers if there are any questions or topics they would like to be discussed in the interview.

Video Content

Interviews make perfect video content! And if there is anything that algorithms love, it is video content. Google, Facebook, Instagram…. most of the search engines and social media platforms encourage video content. Why? Because people love videos.

Ensure your video includes subtitles and your company logo, before formatting it for your social media channels and embedding it into your website.

using interviews in content marketing strategy


The first thing you should do after the interview has been carried out is to transcribe it. Once the conversation has been put down on paper, it is far easier to turn into an informative and relevant blog (or two, depending on how deep you went into the topic!).

You can also take direct quotes from the interview and incorporate them into existing content on your website.

Plus, the topics discussed, and answers provided during the interview will likely inspire plenty of future blog posts and interview topics.


Aside from blog posts, the interview content can also be used to create handy infographics. For example, if I was going to interview an industry leader about, say, backlink building, I would pick key points out of the discussion and use them for an infographic. It might be entitled “Top 5 Tips For Building Backlinks As Told By An Industry Leader”.

Backlink Building

Speaking of backlinks….quality, informative content leads to organic backlinks. Your interviewee will likely use the interview to their advantage by sharing it on their own social media and website – this leads to an organic backlink!

Plus, if the interview is answering popular questions and addressing common pain-points of your audience, there is a higher chance of your audience sharing it and linking back to it.

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