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Is Blogging Enough For Content Marketing?

Put simply, content marketing is the process of creating and distributing content with the end goal of acquiring new customers. And if done properly, blogging is an excellent content marketing technique that can help you build brand awareness, increase web traffic and retain an audience.

However, there are other techniques you should be using to get the most out of your content marketing strategy. These include, but are not limited to, guest blogging (backlink building), video content and social media.

But before we go into those, let’s focus on blogging.

Getting The Most Out Of Blogging

Sticking a couple of blogs up on your website every now and again is not going to be effective. If you’re going to do blogging, you need to do it properly. Here are our expert tips:

Keyword And Audience Research

Having a better understanding of your target audience allows you to create blogs that are valuable and relevant to your potential customers. Factors you may want to consider when researching your audience include geographical location, demographics and interests.

Aside from audience research, you must also carry out keyword research before you start blogging.

Keyword allows you to find and analyse the words and phrases that your target audience is using when they are searching for your products or services. Once you are familiar with these keywords and phrases, you can come up with topics relating to them.

SEO-Friendly Blogs

Writing blogs is great. But if they are not optimised for search engines (such as Google and Bing), your audience will never find them. Each blog should be optimised for a specific keyword or phrase. This word or phrase should be strategically placed in the title, H2 headings, meta description, image alt tag and slug (URL).

Well optimised blogs also include internal links (to useful pages on your website) and external links (to trustworthy, relevant websites). They should be between 800-1200 words long and written in a tone that is more informal than web copy.

Relevant And Varied Topics

To make the most out of blogging, you should be creating and distributing blogs regularly and consistently (here at GrowTraffic, we aim to produce three useful blogs every week).

You should cover a wide range of topics, including topics related to your products and services, news about your company and industry trends. Your blogs should always be relevant to your products/services/industry and should be useful to the reader.

Creating a content calendar will help you stay on track with your blogging. If you’re stuck for blog ideas, we’ve shared our tips in the blog.

Customer Journey

When coming up with relevant and interesting blog topics, it is useful to consider the purpose of the blog. Who are you writing it for? What do you want it to achieve? Is it for customers in the awareness stage of the buying cycle? Or the consideration stage of the buying cycle? Or the decision stage?

Repurpose Content

Once you start consistently and regularly creating SEO-friendly blogs, that are backed up by keyword and audience research, and cover a wide range of relevant topics, you will start to see an increase in web traffic to your site.

But don’t stop there! You can repurpose the blog content by turning it into infographics, social media graphics, slide presentations or videos.

Going Beyond Blogging

To achieve content marketing success, you should be focusing on other techniques as well as blogging. Here are some of the most effective content marketing techniques:

Guest Blogging (Backlink Building)

High-quality backlinks (links from relevant, trustworthy websites back to your own website) are one of the most important ranking factors.

This means, if you gain quality backlinks, your website has a better chance of ranking on Google (and being found by your target audience). And guest blogging is an excellent way to build genuine backlinks.

Reach out to others in your industry and offer to write a guest article on a topic you are experienced in. Aside from building backlinks, guest blogging will help position you as a leader in your industry.

Video Content

In 2021, video content is king. Just look at the success of TikTok!!! If you want to smash your content marketing strategy, you need to be creating video content and distributing it across various channels.

This might include expert interviews, how-to videos, informative videos about your products or services, product launch videos or even live filming events.

Ideally, your content strategy should include a mix of blogs, videos, infographics, image graphics, case studies, how-to guides, whitepapers, seasonal content and maybe even a podcast!

Social Media

Social media is an invaluable tool when it comes to distributing your content and placing it in front of your target audience. Social media can also be incredibly useful for better understanding your audience. It gives you a platform to chat to your target audience, understand their pain points and create a community of followers.

Get In Touch

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Alternatively, head to our blog for tons of content marketing tips and advice.

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