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Is Buying Backlinks A Good Idea?

One part of digital marketing which is often overlooked is it takes time to make a positive impact. There are no magic quick fixes, well there are some on offer such as buying backlinks, but is buying backlinks a good idea?

What Is A Backlink?

Without wanting to teach your Grandma to suck eggs, we will first give you a little bit of information on what a backlink actually is.

To put it simply, a backlink is a link back to your website from another website.

Now, there are hundreds of things Google looks for when it is ranking websites, but one of the most important is backlinks.

The SEO guru Neil Patel has an excellent video explaining in easy to understand detail below.

It’s only 3 minutes and 50 seconds long, which interestingly enough is the same length as Monkey Wrench by The Foo Fighters if you want to listen to it at the same time.

Getting Backlinks Organically

You can see that in order to actually get a backlink from another, larger website, there are a set of steps you need to follow.

Your website needs to be search optimised, original and new web content needs to be on your website and created regularly.

Then there is the research to look for places you think you would like to have a backlink on.

Do you approach the company, or do you hope they will happen to see you over the course of a few years if you keep plugging away with good web content?

Not to mention the fact none of this is an exact science and it may not work anyway! There can be a lot of trial and error in SEO and especially in trying to get backlinks.

All of which makes the idea of buying backlinks a much more attractive proposition because when you do, you aren’t really buying backlinks, but you are buying all of these steps to get them.

Which may lead you to think, “well why doesn’t everyone buy backlinks then if it is such a good idea?”

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Google Really Don’t Like Websites That Buy Backlinks

There’s one big reason why you might want to think again before shelling out your hard-earned money for buying backlinks.

Not only do they not like it, but it is also against the guidelines of Google.

The penalties can be quite high too, we aren’t talking like when you used to tape the top forty or make copies of your Daft Punk CDs for Melody in the 6th Form because you fancied her…wait we are digressing here.

If you are caught buying backlinks, then Google can impose harsh restrictions on your website.

They can strip all your keywords from ranking for 6 months or even longer and some companies would struggle to recover at all from such a severe sanction.

Why Do Companies Run The Risk Of Buying Backlinks?

Like lots of shall we say, risky opportunities, they place companies in a bit of a dilemma.

If we compare buying backlinks to buying bootleg or hooky gear, you may spend a lot of money and get a really good copy of an expensive perfume or 200 Marlboro Red.

But you may end up with a bottle of Eau De Nooo! or 200 Merlborough Rad containing more additives than a bottle of Sunny Delight.

A high paid quality backlink could look like an organically created backlink, which makes it harder for Google to spot any shenanigans.

Cheaper backlinks are more likely to cause alarms to go off at Google HQ though, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Another factor to bear in mind is you will need more than one backlink to make any difference anyway, so you could end up having to pay for 10 to 12 and even then it may not have as much impact as you think.

Buying Backlinks; The GrowTraffic Verdict

Here at GrowTraffic we take pride in being different from other SEO agencies, but we think that the risks outweigh the advantages of buying backlinks.

Like lots of shortcuts, you may find you get to your destination quicker, but if you get caught you could have a black mark against your name for many years to come.

We believe that hard work, creating good and engaging content, employing the right people in the right positions and getting help from experts is the best way of not just improving the rankings of websites but for running a successful business.

Get In Touch

If, after having read this you are thinking again about whether buying some backlinks is a good idea then why not get in touch with us.

We are more than happy to have a chat with you about backlinks and any other aspect of SEO and digital marketing.



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