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Is it OK to fail?

I’m a bit of a part-time runner. What I mean by that is used to running, and I run every now and then. Sure, I run 10k every time I go to the gym, but there is only so far I can run, only so long I can push myself before I start to fail.

Is failure the problem?

I’ve been failing at one thing or another for years; if we were honest, we all have. But, like most other people, I’ve been overanalysing the details of my failure, and it’s taken me years to understand that it’s not really failure that’s the ultimate problem.

With running, it doesn’t matter how good or fit you are; failure will happen at some point or another. Likewise, it doesn’t matter how optimistic I am; no matter how much I stock up on energy drinks, I can’t run a 10K in 15 minutes tomorrow.

I say I’m a part-time runner because I haven’t managed to get myself out of the mindset that makes me ask the questions internally that ultimately stop me running, questions such as “are you sure you can do this?”, “have you prepared enough for this?” “have you done enough training for this?” etc.

What’s certain is as soon as I start asking myself these questions, I am setting myself up to fail. I am giving myself a chance to fail. In fact, I’m actually planning to fail.

When running, my body is quite capable of telling me when it’s time to have a rest, when it’s time to give up etc. until I’ve got to that point, there is no point in worrying about it when I will need to stop, doing so just allows me to plan further my failure.

All you can do is give yourself the preparation required to get you to the end and then stop worrying (remember the 6 Ps whilst training, forget them whilst running).

I realise that the most important thing is to allow yourself to fail rather than plan the road to your failures. So I will only prepare to die when I fail, learn from it and move on.

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Is It Ok To Fail?

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