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Is it Possible to Make Money by Buying Traffic?

Can we make money from our website?

If so, we need to be bringing in Traffic with our top-notch piece of content.

There is also three types of Traffic that you can buy. They are; bot traffic, price and quantity and also legitimate Traffic.

Ways to Sell Your Traffic

PPC- Pay Per Click

 This is the model in which the money that you earn for your website comes from the clicks that customers and visitors will make that link to your blog or content post.

The only problem with this model is that the income you will receive from this is only from the views or ads that your page receives. Also, with this, you can have an estimate of how much you will be earning.


Selling direct is where you sell the ads linked to your blog and site to a buyer without any other areas of help. This is used for the more significant projects that can happen.

Add Affiliate Links to your Top pages

On your website, you will have the pages that receive the most attention and Traffic, bringing in customers and readers.

If you add these affiliate links on these popular pages, you are bound to generate more money quickly and instantly.

Sell Online Courses on Your Website

Another creative way of getting some income from your content is being able to create and deliver online courses.

Did you know courses sell at a much higher rate than any other form of content that is available?


Webinars are a great way of changing (PPC) Pay Per Click and the Traffic you get to profit and income.

Webinars are typical for their successful conversion rates. Many companies have seen an increase and higher rate from this way of learning.

GrowTraffic Average Traffic After Google's June Update

Review Products

Reviewing products is a great way to earn that extra amount of income, as you can test the item, write an honest review of how you truly feel about this item and whether you would recommend it to anyone.

You never know; you may even get a good amount of money sent your way.

Include a Business Directory

Set up a business directory page that known companies pay for you to get their company listed and ranked.

It is up to you to what you charge for this work area, but the traffic levels have to be good.

Sell Your Website

Once you have a website and a business that is already known and receiving excellent traffic levels, you will have a great chance of selling.

Your page can be sold, and when that has happened, other businesses and sellers can help you find the right buyer for your page.

Generate ‘Leads’ for Other Companies

Every business thrives on new opportunities and people enquiring about the products or services they deliver.

Once the dots have been connected, and both businesses can help each other out, this is when the income will start to come in as you have helped them out with a query.

Email Lists

Using email has always been one of the most efficient ways of selling in marketing since the internet first came about.

Many businesses use this way of selling by boosting sales, engaging with their customers and offering their products directly.

This marketing tactic is a great long-term idea as it could be a long process until someone takes an interest in what you are selling, and it is cost worthy and is easy to keep on top of.

The best thing about this is that it can be done as an automatic system, so most work is done for you.

Is it Possible to Make Money by Buying Traffic?

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