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Is My Digital Marketing Manager Any Good?

Having a good digital marketing strategy is essential if you want your business to thrive and succeed. However, if your digital marketing strategy doesn’t seem to be paying off, you may be questioning whether your digital marketing manager has the skills and knowledge required.

Your digital marketing manager is responsible for all your business’ online marketing efforts. They should be strategically planning and overseeing various digital marketing techniques and adjusting marketing efforts based on carefully analysed data and results. And, they likely manage a marketing team.

What Technical Skills Should My Digital Marketing Manager Have?

To ensure business growth through digital marketing, your digital marketing manager should have an array of skills and valuable experience within the industry.

By outlining which skills your digital marketing manager has, you can then pinpoint the areas in which your digital marketing manager may need additional training or support.

A digital marketing manager should have technical and transferable skills


Search engine optimisation plays a vital part in growing your business online. It’s a cost-effective digital marketing technique that drives potential customers to your website. Your digital marketing manager should have a good understanding of how beneficial SEO can be for your business and should be able to successfully implement SEO techniques.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very powerful marketing tool as it directly targets people who have actively shown an interest in your business. Your digital marketing manager should be skilled in effectively using email marketing to the advantage of your business rather than just spamming potential customers with boring emails.

Social Media Management

If your digital marketing manager has been in the industry for many years, they may be used to using marketing tools that are a little more traditional than social media. But social media is taking over. And it’s important that your brand is making a statement on social media channels.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is the key to gaining insights and increasing profits. It’s important that your digital marketing manager is using the analytics tools available to analyse the company’s marketing efforts and make suitable changes.

Paid Advertising

Paid search and paid social media can get positive results quickly, but they are not always the answer to your digital marketing tools. A skilled digital marketing manager will know how to use paid advertising effectively without burning through the marketing budget.

Content Marketing

Traditional marketers have long used content to advertise products and services. However, online content is a whole different kettle of fish. In includes everything from infographics and videos to blogs and webinars. In today’s digitalised world, having content marketing in your digital marketing strategy is essential.

What Transferrable Skills Should My Digital Marketing Manager Have?

Aside from technical, specialised skills, your digital marketing manager should also have a number of transferrable skills to effectively manage marketing efforts and a marketing team.


Any manager should be a fair and honest leader. Your digital marketing manager should be able to make the important (and often difficult) decisions whilst leading and inspiring a team.


When it comes to digital marketing, there isn’t room to be unorganised. A huge part of any digital marketing strategy is the strategic planning that goes into it and a strategy will have a far better chance of succeeding if it’s tactically planned and carried out.

Strategic Thinking

Any skilled and experienced digital marketing manager will have a solid understanding of the sales funnel. If your digital marketing manager is familiar with the buyer’s journey and understands what it takes to make a sale, they will be involved in the marketing efforts at every stage of the funnel.


Your digital marketing manager should be able to communicate clearly and effectively with their team members, other departments and external suppliers. A lack of communication can cause heaps of problems within a marketing team and can impact the success of the digital marketing plan.


In the world of digital marketing, problems can arise unexpectedly. Especially, with the ever-changing algorithms and constantly-evolving digital marketing trends. Also, managing a team comes with a heap of challenges.

Your digital marketing manager may benefit from digital marketing training

Does My Digital Marketing Manager Need Additional Training?

If you believe your digital marketing manager is lacking in any of the technical or transferrable skills required to successfully market your business, perhaps they could benefit from additional support.

When it comes to transferrable skills, there are a whole host of excellent courses available for managers. Courses focusing on leadership skills are particularly popular and can be extremely effective.

When it comes to developing technical skills, your digital marketing manager will require quality training from digital marketing professionals. For example, many digital marketing managers are not skilled or experience in search engine optimisation and may benefit from quality SEO training.

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