Is Readability Important For SEO?

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Is Readability Important For SEO?

Readability is an important factor for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and could improve your rankings in the search results.

Readability is a known ranking when it comes to uploading your content to your website, more specifically when uploading to WordPress with the Plugin of Yoast SEO. If you haven’t used it before or are not aware, Yoast is a feature, with the help of mysterious algorithms that rank the reading difficulty of a piece of writing.

The plugin then recommends ways of improving your writing through a colour scheme of green, orange/amber and red.

In today’s GrowTraffic blog, we are going to discuss, is readability important for SEO and what we would recommend to improve your readability.

What Does Readability Mean?

Readability refers to how easy the content is to read and understand. Focusing on your content’s readability helps to target visitors who enjoy online reading. What’s more, by producing content that is easy to consume, the reader is immediately engaged, meaning they will spend more time on the page.

Why Is Readability Important for SEO?

The bottom line is, on Yoast readability ranks. Readability can:

  • Improves user experience.
  • Increases the chances of your post ranking well for voice search.
  • Appeals to search engines that are increasingly attuned to what human beings perceive as quality writing.

For me, readability is very much overlooked in the world of SEO and content creation. Bloggers or copywriters are quick to optimise their keyword density, meta tags, image alt tags, and hundreds of other on-page SEO, but not the readability of their content.

There used to be a time where you could insert your keyword, and you’d automatically be higher in the rankings, but those times have gone due to the change in consumer buyer behaviour and the way we search google.

The number of people using voice search continues to grow. The algorithm updates have allowed google and other search engines to focus on voice. They present their results in a voice-like manner; they rank their results in a voice-like manner.

Overall, the algorithm of Google is trying to imitate a human. It tries to read the text like a human being. As Google becomes more capable of understanding and scanning texts in a human-like way, readability will become more important for your rankings.

How can I improve my SEO readability?

A Macbook with WordPress open, trying to adjust their readability score

Keep Sentences Short, And Remember Less Is More

Keep your content precise, interesting and include the most important information on your subject. Studies show that the average sentence length is 14 words, and longer sentences disengage the reader.

Shorter paragraphs are easier to read and give the reader some time to take in the information without being overwhelmed at its length. Readers will stay interested with short paragraphs because it seems that there is less to read.

Internal And External Links

Using internal and external links increases the ranking of your site. There isn’t a minimum, or a maximum number of links you should or shouldn’t insert into your text, what should be in your mind is relevance.

With too many in your text, you will distract your viewer, but too little won’t be adequate for your ranking factors. When you link another domain, it is key that the website is relevant to your text and subject of your content – that way Google can read and crawl your content much easier.


Including meaningful and quality images in your content helps to keep your readers engaged. It breaks up the text and helps optimise your content for on-page SEO.

Font Size

Small and complex fonts make your content difficult to read. An ideal font type for readability is Arial or Verdana. Keep the font size at 12 points if you use Arial and for Verdana, keep it 10 points.

Tone Of Voice

Conversationally writing your content improves readability. Imagine your blog post is a story you’re telling to one of your friends. As you write, imagine you are reading it out loud, this way you’ll be able to tell how it comes across.

Improve Your Readability With GrowTraffic

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