Is Repurposing Blog Posts Into Slide Decks Worth The Effort?

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Is Repurposing Blog Posts Into Slide Decks Worth The Effort?

If you aren’t new here, you may have heard us talk about repurposing blog posts before! If you are new here… hi! In this GrowTraffic blog we aim to venture further into the realm of repurposing content, and answer the question – is repurposing blog posts into slide decks worth the effort? When it comes to repurposing content, we often get asked questions surrounding the dos and dont’s and whether or not it is really worth it, from both an SEO and effort point of view. Let’s explore firstly what it means to repurpose blog posts into slide decks and whether or not it is worth the effort.

What Are Slide Decks?

Whether you know it as a slide deck, SlideShares or a powering presentation, what we mean by slide decks are visual aids, like a deck of cards that guide you through a presentation, the presentation, in this case, being a blog.

When it comes to repurposing blog posts into slide decks, what we mean is to create visual cues of the main takeaways of the blog, condensing the content into smaller chunks.

Slide decks are a really easy way of repurposing blog posts into digestible information which is especially important for when it comes to sharing your blog posts on social media – something we know is significantly important for drawing more traffic towards your website.

Now we know what they are, and the purpose they serve – let’s delve into if repurposing blog posts is really worth it.

Is Repurposing Blog Posts Into Slide Decks Worth The Effort?

Before deciding whether or not it’s worth the effort, we need to understand just how much effort it takes.

When creating slide decks to repurpose your blog posts, the process is simple!

The first step is to decide which parts of your blog you think are worthy or important to repurpose into a slide deck. Not all content is right for this. If your blog post is more of a lengthy guide or white paper it may be best to repurpose it in other ways. Slide decks are perfect for those blog posts that perhaps provide ‘5 top tips’ or ‘step by step’. Think of content that is easily broken down into smaller segments.

Cut out the fluff! Get rid of any parts of the blog that beat around the bush and instead stick to the facts. Slide decks should offer punchy, bits size pieces of information.

Make it visually appealing. Slide decks are meant to pack a punch, in every sense of the word! Remember they are visual aids and so they need to be visually appealing. Think of a slide deck as you would an infographic.

You can create a slide deck relatively easily, with little effort, using Canva.

Pros Of Repurposing Blog Posts

Repurposing your content should be regarded as a crucial element to your content marketing strategy. Whether it be through the use of slide decks or not, there are so many ways in which you can repurpose your blog posts and so many reasons why you should be!

Repurposing your blog posts, in the long run, saves you tons of effort and time – there it is, the answer to our question!

It’s really important when we put our blog posts out there that we don’t forget about them! And creating slide decks is a really easy way to start, making it simple to share on social media platforms and broaden the audience our content reaches. Repurposing content allows important news, updates and tips to stick around for years!

The list of pros for repurposing blog posts really is never ending, but let’s explore some of them!

  • Makes your brand more memorable
  • Increases reach of content
  • Saves you time to focus on creating other things
  • Can increase traffic
  • Diversifies content

Repurposing Blog Posts With GrowTraffic

At GrowTraffic, we not only know how to create high quality blog posts but we also know all the top ways to repurpose them, including slide decks. If you are interested in what we have explored in today’s blog and have more questions regarding slide decks or repurposing content in general, feel free to get in touch with a member of our content marketing team.

You can reach us by emailing or calling us on 1061 706 0012.

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