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Is Social Bookmarking Still Effective?

If you’ve ever come across a valuable article, you’ve probably thought about saving it in order to refer to it at a later point.

Sometimes we find things that we want to remember. Or things we’re too busy to check out right now and want to save for later. Through the practice of social bookmarking, that’s exactly what you can do. That’s cool, right?

Below, let’s review what social bookmarking is and whether it’s still effective.

What Is Social Bookmarking?

Think about physical bookmarking. You place a bookmark in between the pages you are currently on so that you don’t forget. Then when you pick your book back up, you can find that page immediately.

Social bookmarking is the digital version. An online process where you can save certain webpages to a social bookmarking platform to revisit them. The idea is that users can access their bookmarks at any time and on any device. Users can annotate, highlight, and share bookmarked pages with whoever they choose which only adds to their popularity.

What you do with your bookmarked pages is up to you. You can keep them private, share with a specific group only, or make them public for everyone to access.

The websites that are the most valuable are typically those that have the most interactions through likes, comments, and votes.

Examples Of Social Bookmarking Sites

Perhaps the most well-known social bookmarking sites is Pinterest. It’s free, easy to use, and ideal for anyone in hair, makeup, and fashion industries.

Essentially, a user will create a board and pin content to it to look at again later. For example, a user may create a “Graduation Make-Up” board and pin different makeup looks to it as inspiration for their own graduation look.

Another well-used social bookmarking site is Pocket. This site lets you ‘pocket’ articles, stories, or videos from any webpage. A loved feature about Pocket is that it picks up where you left off. Half way through an article but have to close out? Not to worry, Pocket picks up from the section you left it at.

Not widely considered a social bookmarking site but definitely used as one is Twitter. Tweeting out links or liking others’ tweets is a way to ‘bookmark’ them for later. And you can utilise the bookmarking feature to save tweets to a private folder.

Are There Any Benefits To Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking can be an effective way to build an online presence.

Site Indexing

Search engine algorithms are constantly crawling sites and pages for information and updates. So your content needs to be regular, consistent, and valuable.

Through social bookmarks, Google can find your site which speeds up the indexing process and ranks your content faster.

Drive Traffic

When your site appears on bookmarking sites, people follow the link directly to you. Valuable and engaging content can lead to them staying on the webpage, as well as more visitors.

It’s also essential that your site is high-quality. Easy navigation and mobile-friendly features will make your site more successful.


Your site appearing on social bookmarking sites not only drives traffic but also creates backlinks.

Highly engaged with links on social bookmarking sites will have a boost in domain authority. High engagement typically equals more traffic. This points out to Google that your site offers unique, insightful information and boosts your authority.

Sites with higher domain authority tend to rank better because they have credibility and are trusted by Google.

Is Social Bookmarking Still Effective?

For ranking, no. Not really.

But for saving and sharing pages you want to revisit – 100%.

An issue with social bookmarking is that it can be a variation of forum spamming. Unless the links are directly relevant, there’s no real authority inheritance to your site from them.

In fact, the social bookmarking strategy is often disregarded now because it’s ineffective. Google’s John Mueller said that Google has practice in recognising those links to ignore them. Therefore they can’t have any effect on your site’s ranking if they’re ignored.

Disregarding ranking, these sites are still extremely useful and effective in other ways. Annotating webpages to share with others or saving them for future use are still great features to utilise.

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