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Is the top level domain any good for SEO?

Now and then, I get new options of TLDs popping up in my 123 reg account, and this time it was TLDs. So I thought I’d buy one and see if it’s any good for SEO.

We all know the best domains to get ranks to end with .com or .co. However, UK (if you’re in the UK) and other TLDs are much harder to rank with (no matter what Google has to say about it!); this being a newish one, I thought I’d give it a go. 

I bought an exact match domain with the keywords SEO Consultant in it – this should give me a head start, although these sites aren’t as easy to rank with an exact match phrase anymore. 

The fact that someone has knocked me off the top spot for a freelance SEO consultant with an exact match domain after three years makes me think there are still some legs in this model (don’t worry, I’ll get my rankings back for freelance SEO consultant before long!).

The domain I decided to buy was I’ve linked it back to GrowTraffic using followed links, so there are no complaints that I’m trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes with this site. It’s followed because I’m not trying to pass any strength through to GrowTraffic.

Where do other websites rank for the term SEO Consultant?

It’s worth bearing in mind that SEO consultant has bought just about every exact match variation. Very few of the exact match domains rank in Google UK for the term SEO Consultant. 

I’ve had a quick review of which websites rank for SEO Consultant, and these are the main sites in question:


Interestingly, none of the top 10 appears to be exact matches. Most of them are, in fact, SEO Consultants rather than SEO Consultancies – this suggests to me that it’s (as we’d expect) a competitive marketplace to get your site ranked on there for this search term. 

I should probably point out that Grow Traffic also ranked in this illustrious space with other SEO consultants once upon a time. 

However, I retargeted the site towards the term freelance SEO consultant as, at the time, I was working for an SEO agency. Therefore, it wasn’t right for me to be positioning myself as a full-time SEO consultant at the time.

SEO Consultant Exact Match Domain Rankings

Progressing through, it’s only on page 5 that we find the first exact match domain:  After that, it’s on page 15, and that’s all I could see in the top 300 results, which is great to see as it suggests either the industry is nicely competitive or Google is getting better at weeding out exact match domains.

 That has been built by SEOs to get some ranks without too much thought on brand – probably a bit of both. Like much of anything, my experiment isn’t about making the site compete in this massively competitive sphere; instead, I’ve created a local content on it that should see it start to compete in the local sector. 

I’ve created around 1,500 local pages based on towns, cities and areas in the UK. Suppose I was to do this with a .com. I would be confident to have some close ranks within a week for quite a few of the smaller locations I’ve put on there (the type of places where there is only one SEO consultant – or no SEO consultants even!). 

I’ve not quite got down to the level of creating content for every village in the UK as I didn’t think I needed to do that to prove the point; however, if I can’t work out the results, I may just be tempted to try and add some more content around all the villages.  The towns, cities and more extensive areas should be enough, though, in my opinion, to see if and, more to the point, have a chance of outranking .com and .co.UK domains.

The site went live around a week ago, and so far. However, it’s started to get some rank; it doesn’t appear to rank anywhere near as high as I’d expect it to within this period for SEO Consultant terms in the less competitive areas. 

I’ll give it a bit more time and more effort and update you on the ability of the domain to rank in the UK for an internet business for SEO Consultant type terms.

Is the top-level domain any good for SEO?

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