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Is the Google Orca Update Next?

Over the last 18 months Google seems to have decided to pick on black and white animals, first it came out with the Panda Update, apparently named after Mr Panda at Google (originally named by the SEO community as the Farmer Update), more recently it’s launched the Penguin update, I’m going to put my money on Google naming the next update the Google Orca Update.

OK, to clarify, when I say I’m going to put money on their next update being called the Orca Update, I’m going to put 50p on it, and I suppose I am at the moment, betting against myself. Don’t know if it quite counts. I suppose it could be the Skunk Update or the Zebra Update or the Badger Update.

Google Orca Update

What will be in the Google Orca Update?

As I’m imagining that the next Google update is going to be called the Orca Update, I might as well spend two minutes to guess at what will be included within that update.

I’m speculating that the next big Google update (that I’m guessing will be called the Google Orca Update), based on what’s coming out of SMX will be about Google Bombing.

More specifically, I think this is part of what of what Google has been hinting at in a while, that anchor text distribution will now really, really count, and if you don’t have a varied range of anchor text in your link profile and perhaps even more so, if you don’t have a large variety of URL and brand text in the anchor text linking back to you it is likely that your website is going to lose some serious rankings probably in favour of some websites that have nowhere near the amount of rankings that you do.

Interestingly, if you go to Google there appears to be a predictive search appearing now for Google Orca Update – which would suggest to me that people are search for it already. Has Google let something slip already?

Who knows.

As with all things Google “time will tell”, sort your anchor text profile out asap or I’m afraid it might be a case of “only time will heal” as well!

Is the Google Orca Update Next?

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