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Is Using A Content Marketing Agency Good For Startups?

If you have just started running your own business, you may be thinking about writing blogs and articles for your website to get customers and raise awareness of your brand, but struggle to find the time to do all this. So, is using a content marketing agency good for startups?

What Is Content Marketing?

You will see many long-winded explanations of what content marketing is, but it is basically creating stuff that is interesting for existing and potential customers.

Depending on who you listen to, you need to either concentrate on content marketing and creation all the time or as and when you get around to it.

Because there are no cast-iron guarantees about marketing there is no set answer.

For a startup company, unique and interesting content creation could be what separates you from your competitors.

The ever-informative and this week wearing a questionable choice of jacket, Neil Patel made this guide to content marketing.

Effective Content Marketing

You may have noticed we said ‘unique and interesting content creation’ earlier and that is the main reason why using a content marketing agency is good for startups.

Smaller companies usually have less staff and less money, so to put time aside for content means they aren’t concentrating on running their business.

Although we like to herald ourselves of the masters of the dark arts of digital marketing, anyone can write a blog.

Anyone can write a page for a website or post on social media, just look at the nonsense some of your Facebook friends spout out every day.

But it is pointless if nobody reads it and even more so if nobody engages with it.

If you have the time to optimise your website and create a content calendar with keywords which may improve your search engine rankings alongside weekly blogs featuring said carefully crafted keywords, then please do go for it!

Most people won’t though because a) their expertise is in another area and b) who has the time?

the image shows the concept of social media

Choosing The Right Content Marketing Agency

Firstly, what is your budget, if you have one?

Some startups will be VC-Backed or have other investment behind them, whereas there are Bootstrap startups who have a lot less to spend, if anything at all, at the beginning.

If all of your finance is tied up in your business, then there isn’t a choice of course. But hopefully, it won’t always be this way.

A VC-Backed startup may have more of a budget to spend on marketing, in which case it makes sense to use a content marketing agency.

Startups with not as much money to spend may have to look at using a freelancer, they are often much cheaper than marketing agencies.

Or you may find that the only route is to ask for help from friends, or networks, wait until you have a bite more to spend or bite the bullet and start from scratch yourself

Most startups, regardless of how they are funded and invested, should have business aims and objectives and a good content marketing agency will work with you towards those aims and objectives.

If one of your business aims is to sell more stuff but it is difficult because nobody knows you exist, then how do you resolve this situation.

You could stand outside Victoria Station with a placard shouting for 3 days or you could spend some money on advertising.

By advertising, we don’t just mean those rubbish adverts you used to get in the cinema before the trailers.

A good marketing agency won’t promise the earth either. So be wary, if something is too good to be true, then it usually is.

Anyone promising you increased sales or 3,000 more twitter followers by next Tuesday is either lying or deluded. Or both.

A good rule of thumb is check for client testimonials, if they’ve done some work for another company and they gave them a good review, that’s a good sign.

They should be more interested in your business than their own and take time to understand what you do, what you want and (this isn’t always the same thing), what you need.

Some Content Marketing Inspiration

You may be feeling a bit cynical about content marketing, it’s not always easy to see something which isn’t there and with mouths to feed and rent to pay how can you justify spending money on it?

Well, apart from talking to us about how content marketing can see your business soar, there are famous examples of how content going viral can have a tremendous impact.

We don’t mean Dave’s meme about Donald Trump getting four thousand retweets either.

Take a look at these 25 examples of these clever content marketing ideas that worked, collated by OptinMonster here.

If that doesn’t leave you rushing to pick up your phone and call us, then you must have a heart of stone.

Further Reading

Now, you may be reading this as a startup business, in which case we hope you found this article useful.

Or you may be a content marketing agency or content writer who has stumbled across our blog to get some ideas before procrastination takes hold like the face-huggers in Alien, so we will leave you with some extra reading you may find useful.

The good people at QuickSprout have written this comprehensive Advanced Guide To Content Marketing which we heartily recommend sinking your teeth into.

For something a bit more interactive the SEO bible, Search Engine Journal has a free to join webinar on Wednesday the 11th March called How to Evolve Your Clients’ Content Strategy with Ever-Changing Algorithms.

It’s easy to register and could give you inspiration and tips for your content marketing creation ideas.

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