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Landing Page vs Homepage: Which One Should You Promote?

The difference between these two pages is that the landing page is more action-based, and the homepage is a more browser-friendly option.

Guiding The User

The point of using an area of advertising and different pages is to grab a specific type segment of your user group and guide them into a deeper section of your sales strategy. This can usually be done in four different stages.

  1. Cold

Some viewers and readers can see and have been made aware of the problem they are facing, leading to specific content that helps them.

  1. Problem-aware

You can reach these types of people with advertisements that include the copy and the landing pages targeted to the specific problems they are facing.

  1. Solution-aware

This is where you need to be able to try and capture them with the content that you include on these pages. To help them see the difference through advertisements and help them to solve the problem.

  1. Purchase-ready

You can get their attention by including the correct type of content and deals in the advertising you mention. This will consist of the landing pages leading straight to the main buying page.

What Is a Homepage For?

Homepages are great as they can provide general information that encourages visitors and readers to explore what their page offers.

A homepage acts as the introduction to the page and the brand, what they are trying to sell, the company values, what kind of demographic they aim towards, and what it means to them.

Why Landing Pages Convert More Traffic?

Clicking through a landing page shows the dedication to the proper promotion, with different designs and a great call to action. To illustrate why this should be bought before they buy it, it will make them keen to buy it.

There are several other elements to a remarkable landing page;

  1. A call to action
  2. Minimal distractions
  3. A customised experience
  4. Targeting the right audience
  5. Receive more conversions using the right landing pages

The Message of Your Landing Page VS Your Homepage

Having the right amount of communication is the main driving force for marketing, but it is in many different forms.

A campaign that has not been well communicated to its audience will lead to some sort of failure. For example, the way you share on the landing and home page will differ even though you may be using the exact amounts of information.

Google will penalise paid links

An Example of a Great Landing Page Through Communication

Brand introduction

This is shown in two different ways. The first one is a bullet list that explains how both of these points work and the achievements that go along with it.

The section about the different areas we deal with shows a more in-depth version of how clients like to see a brand introduced.

Trust those indicators

Since you are using a landing page, you need to keep the information as short as possible, and you have to show that you can build that trust quickly. The best way to show this is to include as many indicators as possible.

The main offer

The main heading, leading the first paragraph, and visitors are all received from advertisements or daily web searches. The landing page can then expand on this and show why this is the main page.

Landing Page vs Homepage: Which One Should You Promote?

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