We all make mistakes from time to time and I’ve made some stonkers in my time, (I suppose I will continue to do so until the day I die), but the most important thing is learning from them – this is especially true in the realms of search marketing but is applicable to every walk of life I guess.

When something goes badly in search it tends to trigger a series of unfortunate events and it always feels as though everything is out of control and running away from you and it can be quite hard to track back through what’s happened to undo what’s been done, limit the damage or at least be able to point at what has happened and say to the relevant person this is why this has happened and I’m sorry about it.

When I make a mistake I tend to take it really hard, I spend days (and nights) thinking about what I’ve done worrying about the consequences, re-going over the sequence of events that’s lead it to happen determining what I should have done difficult (beating myself up over and over again), working out how to take things forwards, the different options that I’ve got. Normally at some point I write a list with a new plan. Sometimes this process involves me making emergency prayers! There is always a level of panic then at some point I reach clarity, the moment when I can say confidently this is what I did wrong, this is what I can do to make amends, this is what can never be undone and these are the negative and positive implications of the situation.

The way I deal with the mistakes I’ve made is probably a negative element of my personality that needs to be worked on, however being so (overly) analytical about myself does give me the opportunity to really reflect on what’s going on and I’ve had some major eureka moments along the way.

As search is a process not acting in isolation it can be quite difficult to know what it is that you’ve done or not done and so it’s probably not always worth looking back at the things that have passed you by rather look forward to the strategy for making things better, calming the waters and getting back on with things.

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