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How Long Should Copy Be On A Product Page?

Ah! My first GrowTraffic blog in what feels like forever! After being furloughed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, it feels great to finally be back in the saddle.

Factors To Consider When Writing Copy For A Product Page

Let me start by saying there is so much more to copy than the length. Of course, length matters (I’m sure there is a pun in there somewhere), but it is not the only factor you should have in mind when creating copy that sells.

When it comes to copywriting, there are so many dos and don’ts. And you likely have a ton of questions on how to successfully write copy. Factors you might want to consider when writing copy on a product page include:

  • Tone of voice
  • Target audience
  • Key features of the product
  • Additional information
  • Layout and formatting
  • Product images

The internet is bursting with advice and guidance on how to write great copy. We may even have covered some of these factors on other GrowTraffic blog posts, but in this blog, we’re just going to focus on the length of the copy.

Why Is The Length Of Copy Important?

Copy on a product page is written to explain what the product is, what benefits it offers and why people should buy it. Put simply, if your copy isn’t long enough and doesn’t clearly describe the product, customers won’t buy it.

Online product description

When writing product descriptions, always bear in mind that shopping online takes tangibility away from the product. For example, if a customer visits a sofa showroom to purchase a new sofa, they can view the sofas, feel the quality of the fabrics, see the colours available and experience the softness of the sofa cushions.

However, when shopping online, that tangible experience is taken away from the customer. Instead, the customer has to find out this essential information by reading the sofa’s product description. If the product description doesn’t include enough key information, the customer won’t feel confident enough to purchase it.

The length of copy on product pages is also important for search engines. Writing a product description that is a decent length and features key words demonstrates that your product page is relevant to user searches, therefore, search engines will love it.

If your product page does not have enough copy, or the copy is taken from the manufacturer’s description, search engines (such as Google) won’t favour it because they will view it as invaluable to the user.

How Much Copy Is Enough?

We’ve established that when it is “too short”, copy will negatively impact the customer experience and won’t be favoured by search engines. But writing too much copy for a product page is also a rookie mistake.

Time and time again, surveys have found that online shoppers and web users tend to “skim” a product page, particularly if it is their first time visiting the page. Customers want the key information quickly, and they will skim a page to find it. If the copy is too long, it may put the customer off reading it and therefore put them off purchasing the product.

But how much copy is enough? When writing copy for a product page, aim to write 300-450 words. That’s what we do here at GrowTraffic.

We aim to write at least 300 words because anything less than 300 words is considered “thin” by Google, and therefore doesn’t tend to rank very well. Plus, this gives us enough room to write a detailed product description that includes keywords and phrases.

Our Top Tips For Writing Copy For A Product Page

Like I said before, we could go on forever about how to write great copy. But this blog is centred on length, so, I’ll just point out a few tips to improve the 300+ word product description.

When structuring the product page, 300+ words can seem quite lengthy to the customer, especially if it is all in one block or one large paragraph.

Plus, lengthy paragraphs will seem never-ending if the customer is viewing the product on a mobile or tablet. To avoid discouraging the customer from reading the copy, we advise that you put the key features of the product in bullet points at the beginning of the product description.

Bullet points are far easier to “skim” and provide the customer with the information they need to make a purchase. Then, expand on the key features and benefits of the product beneath the bullet points.

If a customer is looking for plenty of information about a product, they will know to read the whole product description. If not, they can simply read the bullet points before making their decision.

In addition, when structuring the copy, be sure to include clear headings. It’s an SEO basic and it will help customers find what they are looking for. Adding an internal link to a product page is also an SEO basic – perhaps add a link to a similar product or a product the customer may prefer.

Product page copy can make your website stand out to both customers and search engines. And well-written copy can convert potential customers in paying customers! So, when writing product descriptions, keep it in line with your brand image and tone of voice. And don’t forget to add keywords, including long-tail keywords.

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I really hope this blog has answered your question and providing a little bit of help.

If you have any questions about copywriting, SEO or anything digital marketing related, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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