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Less Digital Marketing Because Of Coronavirus? Have A Look At This

Over the past few weeks, we have all had to drastically change our lives and this includes how much we spend, so you may be seeing less digital marketing because of coronavirus, but this may not be what it seems…

Businesses Adapting To COVID-19

If businesses are forced to radically change how they operate then the financial implications may be that digital marketing is going to be very low on the list of priorities.

Cafes and restaurants who suddenly find themselves in the impossible situation of becoming a takeaway service in a crowded field (not literally…yet) or closing completely are going to try and save every penny they have.

Other businesses are focusing on just trying to keep going and although the measures set out by the UK Chancellor last week will be a huge help, until businesses actually receive any money there is still a lot of uncertainty.

To add to the stress and strain, last night Boris Johnson announced that the UK is on lockdown and ‘non-essential’ businesses should close.

This initial belt and braces approach may not last however and some businesses may actually look to change how they use digital marketing instead of not using it at all.

Let’s have a look at the data…

Is Analytics Data Coronavirus Ready?

What a strange question, you may ask. But have a look at what the Digital Analytics lead at Siteimprove, Brett Patterson has to say:

“Internal traffic is not internal! With so many employees working remotely right now, this may influence your digital analytics data! Your typical filter won’t catch workers working remotely unless they are possibly using a VPN or other remote network connection. This means your employees might be counted in your analytics metrics, even though you had previously created a filter for this.”

So, data may be slightly skewed, it is definitely worth taking this into consideration when looking at your analytics data and reports

Digital Marketing Opportunities Because Of COVID-19

Some businesses are starting to peer out from the bunkers and look at how they will actually need digital marketing to let everyone know that they are providing a service which is needed right now.

A café that is now delivering essential food is going to want to spread the word.

Other companies may be looking to have more online services as everyone is having to work from home, so will want to actually invest more during these uncertain times.

Just have a look at how many museums and zoos are offering online virtual tours, for example.

Everything Is Going To Change For A Long Time

We are really only in the very early stages and humans are known to be adaptable, there are going to be lots of opportunities for tech companies, including digital marketers, to solve problems which coronavirus is causing.

One example is in the UK where the government has announced The Techforce19 challenge.

The aim of this initiative is to “to support those who need to stay at home for several weeks and need help. This could include people who need mental health support or who have social care needs.”

“£500,000 of funding is available for technology companies who come up with digital support solutions for people who need to stay at home because of coronavirus. There is funding of up to £25,000 per company available.”

Help With Home Working

With people being asked to work from home and parents having to school children at home, people are looking for help with tech like never before.

If someone at home has never used video calling before then there is an opportunity to help.

For example, here at GrowTraffic we recently had a free Facebook Live online session on helping businesses transition on working from home.

In fact it was so popular that we are having another one on Friday afternoon.

the image is an advert for a growtraffic facebook live event

With parents now homeschooling, lots of people and businesses are trying to say “hey, we can help with this if you want?”

Joe Wicks and  Oti Mabuse are doing online fitness and dance classes and many others in the leisure industry are following suit.

Our particular favourite is from Harry Hill, teaching people how to make a Coronavirus puppet.

People are curating resources for online learning and they may want help with websites, creating videos and other forms of marketing that they wouldn’t normally be doing.

Nobody can say for sure how this will all play out of course, but at the moment there are signs of life in digital marketing.

As E.B White said “Hang on to your hat. Hang on to your hope. And wind the clock, for tomorrow is another day.”


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