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List of Businesses That Are Prohibited on Google Ads

Google has some pretty strict policies regarding how AdWords is used.

You may be advertising something specific, but if that does not meet the kind of content that Google wants you to create, you will not make it through the following process.

Industries That Cannot Run Google Ads

  1. Funding Solicitation

Any business that is found to be including Google to send funds will automatically have their advertisements immediately removed.

Many businesses are excused from this as they could be charitable organisations trying to help others instead of doing it for a different reason. So, if they have proof, they will be removed from this situation.

  1. All Call Directories

Companies known for checking in and calling directories are not allowed to do this through Google Ads.

This will include them using a specific phone number to be connected to a particular service. This will consist of some of their information like their business and mobile number.

  1. Live Ticket Event Sales

Advertisements or promotions that are being run by any live event and their ticket sellers or even the people selling the tickets second-hand are not allowed to show what they are promoting on Google.

To do this, they have to have been certified by Google.

Businesses That Are Not Allowed To sell On Google

  1. Free Desktop Software

The advertisements for the software must have the actual name of what it is called and what is going on, and the source of where they have gotten this software from. Otherwise, this is a violation of the online authority distribution.

  1. Government Documents

The promotion of documents and looking for these documents or information that are only available through the government or their provider. This includes; passports, travel documents, licences, any form of certificates and many other things.

  1. Third-Party Technical Support

The technical support by any third-party provider that wants to sell or provide any type of technological item and online services.

These also include;

  1. Security
  2. Bug and virus removal
  3. Any form of online accounts
  4. Any type of support
  5. Any kind of software installation

Businesses That Are Prohibited on Google AdWords

  1. Copyrights

Do not advertise or promote anything that could be violating the copyright code. This can include; files, downloading any type of content and wanting to stream content within the violation of this.

  1. Gambling

You can advertise gambling, but only when you are offline. Whilst you can do this, you do need to get the correct type of permission from Google before going forward with the process, and there is also a form that you will need to fill in.

Google algorithm updates

 What Are The Different Types Of Content?

Prohibited Content

Other than the types of content strictly not allowed on Google and its AdWords, it is classed as counterfeit goods. So, you are not allowed to promote anything related to this.

With this not allowed to happen, there is a trademark violation in place, and it is also an illegal practice in quite a lot of countries, so Google does not allow this to happen.

Restricted Content

 There are only specific types of content that are classed as restricted. For example, restricted content might be not allowed in certain countries and their areas, or you might just need to make a few more checks before you can run this advertisement.

You will not be able to access these different networks due to this restricted content and how hard Google is making things under a certain level of control.

List of Businesses That Are Prohibited on Google Ads

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