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List of Spam Keywords to Avoid in Your Marketing Emails

Pulling together a great and compelling email marketing campaign is already brutal without now having to worry about what your vocabulary should be like. In this situation, you don’t have an option; how you word and the context in which you include this content matters.

If you frequently use other words that have been known to flag these kinds of emails in company spam filters, you will have a hard time understanding how your mail happens and the type of delivery.

Google and their emails have an accessible email spam filter that you can follow. They will know if you have signed up for their email process because of how the email looks to them. For every filter like Gmail, there is a filter that can block any spam keywords in your marketing emails.

What Are Spam Triggering Words?

Spam triggering words are the kinds of phrases that will trigger the wrong kind of emotions, such as a sense of fear, urgency, loss and phycological manipulation, regarding email marketing.

Spam Keyword Businesses To Avoid

  1. HubSpot

This list is aimed at the email subject line in your marketing emails, and it isn’t as long as others. This has also recently been updated.

  1. Comm 100’s

This is a more challenging keyword list to understand and use in marketing emails. It is a lot more comprehensive than you think, and unfortunately, it comes will no explanation as to how their terms work on their website.

  1. Simply cast

This list is a lot more concise and has a lot more overlaps, unlike other lists, but they do also have some more general tips that can be used in your marketing emails too.

  1. Beeketing’s

This list is shown as an infographic that would be used on social media, so it is nice to look at, but the downside is that it is harder to navigate, affecting your marketing emails.

If it is easier for you, see if you notice any similarities in other lists.

  1. Mail Jet’s

Once again, this is a smaller list and includes a lot of work for each of their entries, but it would be a great help for your marketing emails.

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Spam Words That Should Be Avoided: How To Stay Out Of Spam Email Filters

Almost one in five marketing emails will get caught by an unknown spam filter which will then be sent to their spam folder.

These spam filters will check for red flags like:

  • The use of particular words
  • Links to unknown websites
  • Messages that have been received in ALL CAPS
  • Colourful and different-sized fonts in an email
  • A broken HTML code
  • Emails without the option of an unsubscribe button

The Spam Words That Should Be Avoided Are Exaggerated Claims And Promises

  1. #1
  2. 100% more
  3. 1000% free
  4. 100 % satisfied
  5. Additional income
  6. Be your boss
  7. Best kind of price
  8. Big bucks
  9. Billions
  10. Cash bonuses
  11. Pennies to the pounds
  12. Consolidate your debt
  13. Double your amount of cash
  14. Double your income rate
  15. Earn extra cash

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The Ultimate List Of Trigger Words To Avoid At All Costs

After spending all of those long hours going through those marketing emails, the last thing you will want to do is get blocked by the recipients and their spam filters.

But, luckily by avoiding these common email trigger word errors, you can prevent your emails from getting sent to the spam folder.

Campaign-Related Words To Avoid 

  1. As seen on
  2. Buy
  3. Buy direct
  4. Buying judgments
  5. Clearance
  6. Order
  7. Order status
  8. Order shipped by a shopper

Personal Words To Avoid 

  1. Dig up dirt on your peers
  2. Meet singles
  3. Score with babes
  4. XXX
  5. Near you

Business Related Keywords To Avoid

  1. Additional income
  2. Be your boss
  3. Compete for your business
  4. Double your
  5. Earn £
  6. Earn extra cash
  7. Earn per week
  8. Expect to earn
  9. Extra income
  10. Home based

A person checking an email on their phone

Email Marketing Spam Keywords Context Matters

Context matters for every area of information that has been mentioned, even in your marketing emails. No matter what keywords you have included, if your system is parsed and part of this type of email format, you will have a better chance of getting past this.

There are so many different options if you end up in this hole, but it is always tricky, and you will often lose customers when this happens. Therefore, it is better to keep newsletters as simple and safe as possible when avoiding these marketing errors.

What Are Some Marketing Spam Phrases?

Some of the most common email marketing phrases are auto email removal, bulk email, click below, click here, click to remove etc.

What Are Spam Like Behaviours?

Some of these spam behaviours you need to look out for are spam trigger words, unsolicited email sending, image-only emails, and the deliberate use of spelling and grammar mistakes.

List of Spam Keywords to Avoid in Your Marketing Emails

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