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Making Sure People Value SEO

SEO is an essential element to the marketing role of most marketing departments in most businesses. However, the main problem with SEO is that it’s difficult to measure.

It’s therefore essential for anyone carrying out SEO for a client or internally to make sure they scream and shout about what they are doing.

Remember often the changes you make in seeing a website will take weeks to have any real impact, so it’s important to log every change you make to the website. 

You’ve got to be anal about it; being able to go back is essential, and sometimes you know what?. However, even this won’t help because your SEO efforts are affected by other factors such as the SEO efforts of a rival website or changes to algorithms.

The other thing is you can be adding 20 relevant pages a day with great content; however, they’ll probably only get what appears to be a small number of visits, maybe a few a day in some cases. So you’ve focused on the picture and strategy when talking to the decision-makers.

video content is an excellent way to incorporate SEO and content marketing into a new product

 After all, if you can add 20 outstanding pages a day to a website and get a few visits to each, the SEO team will be generating some severe traffic overall in a week.

When the accountants get involved, you have a problem; seeing a website is about the future of that website and the business; it’s not like PPC, where the returns are instant; with SEO, the returns take months. 

So they are incremental, and you’ve got to speculate about the success of a page. If you focus too much on the individual aspects of SEO, your decision-makers will lose sight of the overall bigger picture and start to devalue the SEO you are carrying out for them.

As ever in business, and especially marketing, if it’s going to be done, you better make sure you can back it up with data, and it’s especially true when managing an SEO campaign.

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