Rachel Weinhold - Director

Rachel's background in copywriting and experience in SEO makes her perfectly placed to deliver expert advice to our customers.

Rachel loves her horses and has a million pets. She also swears a lot and says it’s a sign of her intelligence. She’s a people person and she organises the best get togethers.
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Elicia McManus-Head Of Content

Elicia is our wordsmith. She crafts amazing SEO content that sells. But more than that, she has an awesome eye for design and does all our branding and offsite design work. She is a passionate marketeer and has done the role in several agencies.

Elicia is interested in literally everything. She is hugely well read and conversations with her often take an interesting turn

Simon Dalley FCIM - Director

Dalley has almost two decades experience in marketing and is one of the UK’s leading SEO consultants. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and his SEO knowledge is unsurpassable.

Simon loves changing his hair, enforcing fancy dress, and Dr Who. Everyone calls him Dalley.
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Erin Dempsey- Digital Marketing Executives

Erin is known for her mastery of social media.

She has a background in performing arts and has graduated with honours. She also loves singing and street dancing.

You’ll often see Erin subbing for Dalley or Rachel at networking events, where her vivacious and bubbly personality usually ensures she’s the centre of attention.

Hannah Weinhold - Director

Hannah has heaps of experience in project management, process mapping, and business strategy. She also has a wealth of SEO knowledge that she puts to good use strategising for our clients.

Hannah really enjoys food and music and spends all her money on gigs and meals out, much to the annoyance of her husband.
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Roberto Bromillow - Internal Sales Manager

Roberto is our Internal Sales Manager and has experience in a number of different industries and sectors.

He loves football and his beloved Everton. He also loves animals, especially his Shetland sheepdog. Roberto can speak Spanish and scouse.

Rebecca Flynn-Admin Manager

Rebecca is our Admin Manager here at GrowTraffic.

She has a degree and background in Law. Rebecca has worked in compliance for much of her career.

Rebecca’s hobbies include going on holiday and doing some much needed retail therapy.

Sophie Armitage-Digital Marketing Executive

Sophie has a background in literature and psychology. She is currently studying for her bachelor’s degree in Asia Specific Studies and Korean.

Sophie is multilingual and loves to read and has a passion for photography. Sophie enjoys learning to speak French, Japanese and Korean.

Chloe Curwen-Digital Marketing Executive

Chloe is GT's Digital Marketing Exec. She is currently at uni training to be a midwife, having previously worked for GT full time.

Chloe is passionate about travel and aims to explore a new country each year, some of her favourite destinations include Sri Lanka and Italy.

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