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MegaPush Review – A Unique Push Notification Ad Network

Maybe you’ve heard of MegaPush, maybe you haven’t.

MegaPush was the first advertising push notification network to allow users to deliver advertising to their target audience through the push notification feature.

And with most of the web traffic these days being from mobile users, it makes sense to cater to that demographic.

Advertising has to adapt, especially for mobile users. There isn’t a large screen display so advertisements need to be compact. This has worked to the advantage of the push notification feature.

In this blog, we’ll talk about what push notifications and MegaPush are.

What Are Push Notifications?

A pop up on your computer or mobile phone display screen are push notifications.

If you’re a smartphone user, those notifications you get from applications are push notifications. They can be for new messages from social apps, updates on local or national news, or they might be game notifications reminding you to complete your daily check-in. Push notifications are completely optional, which is what makes them so attractive marketing-wise.

It’s actually a relatively new thing to use push notifications for marketing. That’s where MegaPush benefits, really. They were the first to ever create an advertising network around this.

What Is MegaPush?

Founded in 2017, MegaPush is the largest push notifications ad network. Ads are delivered straight to the devices of users.

It doesn’t have any geographical limits so you will receive traffic from all over the world when using this service. Boasting an impressive active user count of 450 million people, they also have around-the-clock support available.

To be an advertiser, there’s actually no minimum spends or traffic. You just need to create an account and make a deposit into your account.

As with most advertising networks, though, MegaPush also has its rules. It’s typically all the usual things, such as no illegal items and materials, nothing adult or sexual, and no politics or religion. So before you actually go creating an account, you should read up on their rules to check that it’s suitable for you.

What Types of Campaigns Does MegaPush Support?

Though its most well-known for push notification, many campaigns are launched through MegaPush by other affiliates.

Three main campaign types are supported by MegaPush: push notifications, first-page ads, and SMS campaigns.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are delivered to users’ devices like other notifications, increasing chances of engagement. Very ideal for gaming, finance, and dating.

One of the most effective methods available, MegaPush offers top-quality push traffic.

First-Page Ads

Anything that appears on the first page is what catches the user’s attention. These types of advertisements work similarly to pop advertisements and include specified settings.

Filters on age, gender, location, and IP codes can be specified with first-page ads on MegaPush.


Many buyers that have extensive mobile number lists can use the SMS campaign that MegaPush offers.

This format allows affiliates to reach an audience through text.

Are There Advantages to Working with MegaPush?

With flexibility in campaigns and payment methods, MegaPush is always an optimal choice for affiliates. These are some of the biggest advantages.

User Friendly Interface

When signing up on a new platform, it’s frustrating if the interface is complex and difficult to navigate.

To accommodate to all age demographics, an easy to navigate interface is ideal.

Diverse Traffic

As MegaPush is one of largest push notification ad networks, they’ve taken time to seriously invest in acquiring sources from over a hundred different sites. Therefore, MegaPush allows affiliates to target more global audiences.

Affiliates can even promote their services or products in more than 200 countries around the world.

High Conversion Rates

Because the quality of traffic from MegaPush is top, it translates to a more engaged audience and higher conversion rates.

And due to creating such a great experience for users, those that receive push notifications (and other advertisements) are more willing to interact with the messages.

What Are Some Drawbacks of Working with MegaPush?

As with all things that have advantages, there’s usually disadvantages, too.

Publisher to Advertiser Ratio

The balance of publishers to advertisers can be what makes or breaks an advertising network.

Having too many advertisers means that prices become higher and more competitive to the point that it’s no longer realistic. But too many publishers leads to the opposite.

Poor quality from publishers leads to bad traffic whereas poor quality or spam advertising can lead to publishers backing out.

This is usually solved with filtering but MegaPush have held off on this to prevent cutting out a lot of publishers and advertisers. That in itself can lead to losing a lot of top-quality publishers and advertisers. But without the filter, the publisher to advertiser ratio problem may eventually start to cause issues.

Relatively New

Now, being a relatively newer network isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

However, it does mean that there’s not as much data to go off in comparison to networks that were established earlier.

Additionally, there’s not many tutorials available as they haven’t been developed by the network. Even though MegaPush offers a user friendly interface, being simple and easy to navigate doesn’t solve every user issue.

Some things that may be simple to one person are not necessarily simple to another.

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