Ok in this masculine world of high flying business, it’s probably not fashionable to admit that from time to time I write poetry!

I realise that my poetry is probably only entry level amateur stuff but I’ve come to think that if I don’t put things out there for people to see, I’ll never be forced to make myself better.

There again, if you are looking for a good SEO, it should be reassuring that I have requisite passion for words and writing.

SEO Poet

Ok so it’s true that poetry and SEO don’t go hand in hand, but I’d love some feedback on the poems I’ve added there so far.

Also, I’m interested in public speaking and developing this aspect of myself a bit more so I wanted somewhere that I could push this a bit without everyone thinking I’m going to be ramming my search thoughts down their throats.

Why Build Another Site?

Although there is a crossover between the poems, creative writing, speaking etc and search marketing and copywriting I thought it was best to give them quite separate sites so as not to really confuse anyone about what it is I’m trying to achieve here.

Check out my new site at: www.SimonDalley.co.uk


  1. I think poetry and seo do go hand in hand. Unique content, you will get some really random keyword searches hits, and I am sure it will get alot of traffic.. I had a look and I loved it 🙂


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