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One Night Sans

If like me you are a rare combination of a font nerd and a big fan of puns, then you will appreciate the new bespoke font Durex have created. If you are not, then I don’t care I am going to talk about it anyway.

Why Do Companies Rebrand?

You might be thinking, Durex is a massive, some say an extra-large, global company that is a household name, amongst over 16s anyway, so why rebrand?

All successful companies always keep moving, keep changing, and much like great white sharks the biggest eat up the smaller competition along the way.

This way they are always top of the list in Google searches and cause a buzz on social media when they do anything.

Which is why this latest Durex rebrand is so clever on several different levels.

Let’s have a look at why.

A Catchy Slogan Catches The Eye

As clever as rebrand as this one is, it may not have garnered such attention but for one clever idea.

One Night Sans.

In just three words, this caused marketers to stop scrolling and pay attention. Once the marketers were interested, guess who else thought a quirky story with a funny headline would be good?

Yep, the media. Journalists and editors are always looking for a way to get clicks and readers.

You see, this particular story is perfect and ticks the tabloid boxes.

It’s slightly naughty (it’s about condoms and tabloids see sex the way 13-year-old boys do)

It’s a funny pun. Editors and Sub Editors love puns.

From The Sun through to BuzzFeed, puns, whether you like them or not are a quick and dirty way to get attention.

Once they have your attention you are far more likely to buy the newspaper or click through to the story.

For some more examples, Search Engine Journal published this article highlighting some of the most successful slogans and jingles in marketing history.

Our Director Hannah Weinhold said, “Here at GrowTraffic we love a good pun and it’s actually quite difficult to come up with a good one, One Night Sans is one of the best!”

A Change Driven By Society

This is why I think it’s such a good piece of marketing, underneath the funny headline there is actually a genuinely positive driver behind the rebrand.

In 2017, Durex carried out a global sex survey and the results were an eye opener.

“It showed a landscaped of confusion and change regarding sexual attitudes. While the internet has brought openness and access, the survey found an “underlying sexual anxiousness”, which it concluded was largely driven by unrealistic representations of sex throughout culture.”

The marketing strategy, by Havas Design a London based marketing company, wanted to show this change in cultural sexual representation.

Lorenzo Fruzza, who is the Head of Design at Havas London said “We needed a brand mark that behaved like a stamp of authenticity and trust, and the previous glossy, gradient-filled logo felt like the wrong tone for the updated brand.”

Interestingly, another of the campaigns created by Havas was this one for teaching you may remember, which focused more on the impact it has on people and society, as oppose to the teachers.

A New Logo Creates New Interest

Now, this is always going to be a bit of a gamble, for every good logo change like this Durex one, you will always find companies who have changed their logo only to find it as popular as Jacob Rees Mogg at a Stormzy gig.

Have a look at some of the more infamous and expensive rebranding failures which have been kindly collated by Canny Creative here.

The internationally respected Design Bridge were tasked with the creation of a new logo and new packaging.

As Lorenzo Fruzza explained, ““We needed a brand mark that behaved like a stamp of authenticity and trust, and the previous glossy, gradient-filled logo felt like the wrong tone for the updated brand.”

They wanted to focus on the logos lozenge shape as it is a recognised brand and also looks good when framing graphics and photography.

The actual font design, behind the snappy pun, was done by Colophon Foundry and if you think you’ve been given some ‘interesting’ briefs before (also a pun if anyone is still reading) then check out the brief they were given by Havas London:

“A typeface that could speak to people everywhere, from NHS waiting rooms to Porn Site MPUs,”

the image shows lots of dollars waving

Pick A Good Day To Launch

Now, you are a leading manufacturer of condoms and you want to find the best day to launch your rebrand, what day to pick?

What day, even more then any others, are news outlets going to be interested in any news stories that have anything to do with sex?

Of course, February 14th Valentine’s Day!

It is testament to the strength of the new rebrand that 5 days later and it is still picking up traction on Twitter and other news agencies.

Sex sells. But this rebrand was much more.

Almost a perfect storm of rebranding elements, the catchy headline, the change driven by society and launched on the perfect day for the product.

Of course, having a large budget is always going to help, if you look at the websites of the agencies involved you will see they all have been responsible for some of the most successful brand around the world.

But the ideas behind the rebrand are good ideas even without a multi-million-pound marketing campaign

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