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PageRank is Dead – Long Live PageRank (or its successors)!

Google’s John Muir has confirmed it’s unlikely Google will be updating PageRank in the future, the last time PageRank on the Google Toolbar was updated was 6th December 2013 (I remember when it was just about every 3 months!).

John Muir said: “I wouldn’t use PageRank or links as a metric. We’ve last updated PageRank more than a year ago (as far as I recall) and have no plans to do further updates. Think about what you want users to do on your site, and consider an appropriate metric for that.”

You can find the comment here:

The interesting thing here is Muir didn’t just say PageRank shouldn’t be used a metric but that links shouldn’t be used as a metric either. The two go hand in hand I suppose, but it goes to show how far Google has come since PageRank – which took co-founder Larry Page’s name – revolutionised the world of search engines.

Saying that, I wonder how much smoke and mirrors there is on Google’s part – I know it’s important to build links to websites, I see the movements links can bring everyday, unless there are other seo factors there I’m missing it seems to me that it would be very unlikely for Google to abandon links as this is what made them unique in the first place.

At least now our inboxes aren’t going to be filled with those annoying “Get PageRank 7 Links For $20” emails…..

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