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Pick the Perfect CTA Size, Colour, Location, and Text

In the marketing industry, any kind of call to action or CTA, as it can be known, is any direct message designed to guide an adequate response or, even better, encourages a short sale.

There is so much potential with a great call to action; it is even better once they have figured out the best team for their text, size, colour, font, and location, as in the long run, they will see increased conversion rates.

How To Design The Perfect Call To Action?

For your call to action to stand out against other ones in the same market, it needs to be bright, colourful and tell the right kind of story so your customers, users are clients are automatically attracted to it.

This call-to-action page also needs to be the main vocal point of your website as this is how you will get new interested people contacting you. It also needs to work well with the kind of copy linked to the site.

What To Include In Your Call-To-Action Copy?

When designing your copy for your call-to-action, four main elements need to be included in it, along with what you will call it and the kind of buttons and links it will have.

  1. Use the perfect trigger words

When new users look at your website, they will be wondering how to get to certain parts of your site, and this is where trigger words come in very handy.

These trigger words are the different words and phrases that can trigger a new user to click on your page. With your user’s history, try to find the right kind of words to use for your business.

  1.  Name what it does for your business

When calling the user to the action that is your website, instead of boring words, use a simple and beneficial text link that explains what the specific association or even button does on your website.

Be proactive and only use terms your users, customers and clients will understand.

  1. Work hard on your commitments

This is an important step. First, you need to plan and evaluate the right kind of call-to-action for your clients, and so when you next include your call-to-action think about the level of commitment you are asking for and whether it can be simplified.

  1. Add the right kind of benefits

By now, you should have a killer sales line of copy before your original call-to-action; include some kind of text to communicate with the call-to-action and what it stands for.

The text around this call-to-action matters most as this is how the difference and initial impact are made. Your company’s story is told this way.

Call to actions can help convert traffic to leads

What Are The Different Elements Of A Call To Action?

Call-to-action size

The usual CTA button, as far as size is concerned, is small and rectangular and is known for having rounded corners, which makes it look discrete and like the design levels have been improved.

The reason why rectangles are chosen is that to make it as simple as possible, it is the easiest way to design without needing any other steps to be included. 

Call-to-action colour 

Colour can be as simple and complicated as you want it to be.

On the more straightforward side of this puzzle, you will need something that can stand out and make an impact. The aim is to find the right colour spectrum that draws your user’s attention. 

Call-to-action text

The button known for text in your call-to-action is one of the most critical links to marketing.

The central button doesn’t always have one main line of context, so it is simple and needs to be able to be the boss and stand out on its own. It can inform you of what can happen with it, e.g., new clients.

Call-to-action location

The location you choose will depend on the primary purpose of your call-to-action.

All locations have many good and bad points about them.

  • A call to action right at the top might suggest that something will always be on your website.
  • A call-to-action located in the sidebar of your website might indicate that you have been working on something for a certain period
  • A CTA in the middle of your content says you want to push something on your website.
  • A CTA located at the bottom of your site is not something that interests you all that much.
  • A CTA that is always on your mind and is your primary focus, especially your landing page, suggest that it is something that has a high offer to it.
  • A CTA that shows up somewhere else is saying that you are thinking of ways to stop users who are preparing to leave your website.

 How To Perfect Your Call-To-Action?

  1. Choose the right kind of high contrasting colours

Quite a lot of businesses spend a certain amount of time deciding on what kind of colours they want to use for their CTA before they make the all-important final decision.

It is as easy as choosing contrasting colours.

  1. Sizing should be kept simple

Sizing is so important as for as your call-to-action is concerned.

Your main call-to-action button should be bigger enough so that the included text is easy to read. However, it shouldn’t be too big as it will make the rest of your site look out of order.

  1. Make the edges curvy

The known square-shaped buttons with the great rounded corners are the most popular for all websites and are well known in the marketing world.

Whatever button you decide to choose, ensure that it has curved edges.

  1. Keep your leading choice to two of them

All web pages can have more than one call to action.

But if you included two call-to-actions, it could make your page look very unorganised and confuse your clients and users when looking at this on your website.

  1. Ensure that there is enough of a blank canvas

Having a suitable white space around the central area of your call-to-action helps these buttons make more of an impact and stand out in the crowd.

Also, if necessary, you can add curved elements to this equation.

Pick the Perfect CTA Size, Colour, Location, and Text

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