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Product Design Consultancy

The good product design consultancy is a rare thing in the UK, it’s not the same as finding a good web designer. Product design is concerned with the development and creation of ideas during the new product development process.

Product Designers North West

Product Designers create conceptualized ideas, often creating 3-dimensional models that fulfill the requirements of the instigators of the new product development scheme, many product design consultants will also then evaluate the marketability products designed and amend the product designs to better suit the conditions the market demands.

How has CAD changed the role of a Product Design Consultancy?

Computer Aided Design (CAD) has greater improved the process of new product design and development by reducing the amount of time and costs associated with new product design (NPD).

Often product design and industrial design is confused – industrial design is concerned with the artistic process, where this is always an important element for a product designer, a product design consultancy should first be concerned with the usability and functionality of the product being designed. This is the fundamental aspect of any design process.

What is the Process of Product Design?

There are a number of stages in the product design process, however these can roughly be broken down into the following product design and development phases, often a product design will pass to a stage and then fall back to a previous product design phase in order the product designer can work on the product development feedback built into the product design process.

  • Idea Development
  • Product Design Solutions
  • Product Design Market Research
  • Marketing

If you are looking for a Product Design Consultancy in the North West, say Manchester or Liverpool or even London then there are plenty of them on the web, make sure that you find a reputable one, you should always review their website and their portfolio to see if their product design techniques and product design processes match your business and your businesses requirements, if not then keep looking you’ll find one that does.