I’m always trying to challenge myself to project the outcome of my own SEO campaigns.

SEO isn’t an exact science, so it’s not easy to project rankings; however, the more I do it, the more I feel for the movement I get.

Freelance SEO

At the moment, I’m optimising for the term Freelance SEO. I’ve got it to hover around position 11 / 12 in Google.co.uk (having previously targeted the word Freelance SEO Consultant on the same page, which is now set at position 4.

My SEO Ranking Prediction

After carrying out a load of offsite and onsite optimisation, I believe the page will move from position 11 / 12 to position 8 / 9. In my experience, this is the way Google seems to make things move. Don’t get me wrong, I’m hoping it will shift a bit higher. However, I think on this occasion that is how it will perform.

My prediction is this will happen by 25th or 26th October.

Projecting SEO: Freelance SEO

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  1. Quick update on this I am now ranking at position 2 for the term Freelance SEO – which I am quite please with – I am especially pleased as I am ranking for this with an internal page, whilst the next competing website is totally focussed around ranking for the term Freelance SEO.

    I will knock this site off no doubt – although I suppose having got some really nice Freelance SEO positions I need to move over to the SEO Consultant world. Currently the site ranks at about position 90 for SEO Consultant. Now I think this is going to be a much tougher nut to crack. I’m going to have to put that bit more effort in. In 2 or 3 weeks I should be able to work out how easy it will be. I’m guessing I may move to position 40 – 50 (but secretly I’m hoping for a shift to position 20 – 30).

    Fingers crossed we shall see!!

  2. Further to my last update, the website has dropped to position 5 for this term, however I’m hoping that by the end of next week it will pick up to position 1-3 where it will be more likely to stick. I think the early position 2 was a bit of query deserves freshness at play.

    Interestingly I am now at position 1 for freelance seo consultant which is what I originally optimised the page to do back in May (ish).

    I think there should be some movement on SEO Consultant for this page by the end of next week as well (at position 60 at the moment) – although I think that one is going to take some months to get shifting into the upper rankings.

  3. not updated in a while – I’m now sat at position 12 for SEO Consultant, position 3 for freelance seo and position 1 for freelance seo consultant. hopefully will get onto page 1 for SEO consultant in the next month or so.

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