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Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating a Brand Identity

Creating a brand identity goes so much further than just a logo. A brand identity is something you create and continue to create whilst running your business – something that shares who you are and what your values are with your customers and clients.

There are several steps to creating a whole brand identity and sure, a logo plays its part in that, but striving to create a brand identity you are proud to share is something that never really ends. Having a store g brand identity is important for so many reasons, including setting yourself apart from your competitors. It can in fact be the thing that transforms you from being a small fish in a big pool of business, to the big fish in a smaller pool!

There are so many questions we must ask ourselves when creating a brand identity, and in this blog post, we aim to delve into what we think are the most important.

“Brand identity is more than just finding the right logo to place on coffee cup sleeves or mount above your front door. It’s about crafting a personality that amplifies the core elements to your brand’s DNA” Jared Fosen, Wayfair Senior Brand Manager.

What To Consider When Creating A Brand Identity

The best time to start considering your brand identity is before you launch your business, but that doesn’t mean that’s where it ends! A brand identity is an entity that continues to develop and progress alongside the brand.

There are specific questions to ask yourself when creating a brand identity.

Understanding Your Why

You may have heard me mention this before in some of my previous blog entries, but understanding your why is important to so many elements of business, most significantly your identity. Your brand identity is what shows people who you are, what you do and most importantly, why you do it. 

A brilliant author, Simon Sinek, in his book ‘Start With Why’ explores that the most important thing an organisation can share is it’s why. To share it, you need to know it.

Understanding your why will enable you to deeper delve into your values, your target audience, your business goals and so much more, driving that identity and motivating your choices. The why is ultimately what gives your brand purpose.

What Are The Benefits?

Of your brand.

Customers seek for incentives, they want to know what they get out of investing in your brand. So it’s important that you ask yourself what the benefits of your brand are, and what gaps you fill in the market.

The benefits and the ways in which your brand can offer your customers better are what should drive your brand.

What Are Your Values?

Both personally and as the owner of the business. It’s important to get to grips with what you find important – this will help you make business choices and in turn, without you really realising it, will influence your customers to follow the same values.

This is a specific question that business owners should keep asking themselves throughout the process of creating and operating a brand identity, consistently applying your values shares more about who you are and will result in attracting customers who share the same values.

This takes us nicely onto further understanding your UVP (unique value proposition). This refers to the key benefit that sets your brand apart from its competitors. Don’t just focus on values but unique values that other brands don’t share.

What Is Your Personality?

Truly great businesses are an extension of the people behind them. Know your personality, own it and let it shine through your brand. Customers are likely to connect with brands that they feel are honest and genuine, not those who are hiding behind fake brand personalities.

It’s also ok to acknowledge, you won’t be everyone’s cup of tea! Running a successful business isn’t about pleasing everyone, but instead connecting with your target audience and developing a brand an audience that reflects who you are.

What Is Your Story?

I suppose this is an extension of your brand’s personality. Every brand has a story; where it started, what motivated you to start it, and the setbacks. All of these things are ways in which you can humanise your brand, further connecting you to your target audience.

People love stories, so share yours!


It’s important to ask yourself these questions before creating your brand identity. Creative a log, web design, illustration and the rest of your visual elements once you are well aware of who you are, what you do and why you do it is key.

But these questions don’t stop.

Whether it be once a month, once a year or once every 5 years it’s important to check in, keep asking these questions and use the answers to advise the progression of your brand identity.

Feel like you have the answers and need some help with creating your brand identity? We have a great team of experts at GrowTraffic that can help your brand come to life.

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