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Ranking for the term Freelance SEO Consultant over the years

GrowTraffic has been ranking for the term Freelance SEO Consultant in various positions for about 5 years now, I put a lot of effort in at various point to ranking for the term and maintaining the high rankings, with culminated in the website ranking in the top position in the UK for freelance seo consultant and other variations for around 3 years.

Inevitably, after holding this ranking for so long, getting a broad range of clients and having other commitments I eventually started to drop. By Christmas 2013 the website was ranking at position 44 for the search term freelance seo consultant, whilst still ranking highly for search terms including things like freelance seo copywriter, I decided the best way to approach this was to go down the safe route, and probably the long way round by adding content.

We started updating GrowTraffic and at first nothing we wrote seemed to rank, those blogs which had always previously ranked again wouldn’t rank and the new blogs wouldn’t even rank for exact match phrases. I could have gone on a link building splurge, however I thought it would be best in the long run if I didn’t go on a splurge but rather just kept creating content and promoting it. We could have been more consistent at doing this in the beginning however I estimate we added something to the site every week or two.

After a couple of months we started to see movement, at first it danced around the 4th and 5th pages, then after another month or two it got to position 24 – and hovered. After 8 months of starting to think about creating content that would benefit people searching for the freelance seo consultant phrase we finally reached page 1 (well position 10!) and before you knew it we dropped back down to page 2, we danced around the top of the second page and the bottom of the first – it’s all followed a very familiar story.

Now the website is sat at position 4 or 5, I expect it will continue to move up and down a bit, but it does go to show about the power of content marketing as a strategy now. I could have built a load of links and done it faster, however the way the websites are moving at the moment I question if that’s the future. GrowTraffic has always generated work both on a technical level and from a copywriting perspective but there’s no doubt the two sides of marketing are definitely coming closer and closer. I anticipate we can continue to keep developing these rankings and dependent on the activity of other people I think it’s fairly likely we’ll get back to the top position within months.

GrowTraffic may be more of a unique case though. I think the rankings benefit from historical activity, including old links, previous user data, related user data etc and the re-engaging in activity on the website has encouraged Google that the site is now active again. I think it’s fair to say this movement would be harder for another website to step into this sphere using the same content marketing strategy over the same period of time.

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