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Raunchy Underwear from Peachy Cheeks

Now and then, a site comes along that you can’t help but smile about. Peachy Cheeks is just one of those websites.

Raunchy Underwear E-commerce Website

I’ve been working with a colleague on his website, which sells raunchy underwear. So far, we’ve spent a fair amount of time reviewing the site!

The design is fantastic. It sells the products visually – which is what you need – I mean, who wants to look at sexy underwear on the rack when you can review it on a beautiful woman?

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Why Raunchy Underwear?

Having recently developed a Fancy Dress website at work, this colleague thought he’d give it a go – and what a fantastic job he’s done on it. 

He chose to sell raunchy underwear as lingerie doesn’t have many fashion trends. So there’s not as much change between styles so that stock can be held for longer, and there are more minor size variations between products which means one sexy babydoll will be the same size as another sexy babydoll.

As you’ve probably figured out, by the end of this post, the website is going to target keywords such as Raunchy Underwear Sexy Lingerie, as well as products such as sexy thongs, babydolls, sexy corsets etc.

For raunchy underwear, pay a visit to Peachy Cheeks and if there is anything you see – get it bought – Christmas is coming up soon, so make someone’s day!


Simon Dalley


“Sexy Lingerie at discount prices”

Raunchy Underwear from Peachy Cheeks

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