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Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Getting Enough Traffic

Sometimes, the content you create – blogs or otherwise – just isn’t getting enough traffic.

Blogging can be enjoyable because it’s casual, informative, and more natural unlike academic essay-style pieces. That doesn’t mean that blogging is better – different topics may require different writing formats. However, those specific traits do make blogging a little bit more fun. Or maybe I’m just biased!

But no matter how enjoyable blogging may be, it can be frustrating to see little to no engagement on the analytics. It can be challenging, to say the least. To know that the content you’re producing isn’t being viewed or shared or interacted with.

So what’s gone wrong?

We’re going to look at some of the reasons your blog isn’t getting enough traffic.

Start-Up Business

Not only are you new but you also have to compete against industry competitors.

There are people who have been in the same or similar industries as you. Therefore, it’s likely that they’ve been creating content longer than you. Perhaps even two or three times longer than you. And that type of longevity comes with loyalty. From staff, visitors, potential customers, you name it.

That means for you, patience and consistency is key. You have to be patient, and willing to put out content regularly, in order to slowly (but surely!) build your online presence.

That leads us into our next point.

Regular Uploads

How can you expect people to continue reading your blogs if they’re irregular?

Take newspapers for example. Before they were digital, and even now when they are, they were weekly. There was a new paper to buy every week. Your blogs need to follow that standard.

Whether its one, two, or three a week – it doesn’t matter. Being consistent with your uploads will not just build readership but build a loyal readership.

Having a scattered and inconsistent posting pattern is not helpful. If you’re too busy for longer blogs, you can make them shorter. And if you’re too busy for even that, then try another method or you could ask for help.

Quality of Content

The quality of your content matters. If you’re not answering the questions posed to you, readers will lose interest.

Readers that find your content boring will leave your blog to look for one that’s more valuable to them. We want the valuable blog people look for to be yours. So your content must reflect that.

Any blogs that are causal and fun yet still informative and useful is considered a blog with good quality content. Additionally, your blogs should be focused. Rather than bouncing from one topic to another, they should be about only one thing specifically.

Unfocused content can just be confusing and off-putting. Know your audience.


Why aren’t you sharing your blogs to your social medias?!

Especially in this era, social media is the way to go! Social media is the main hang out for all types of audiences – book fans, film fans, and other bloggers. This is where your potential audience is so use that to your advantage. You could share your blogs to your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. What about sharing any videos to YouTube?

What about leaving a comment on another blogger’s post? Make contact with other bloggers about guest blogging, ask them questions. They have a following that you could, potentially, introduce yourself to.

Plus, if people see that you engage with others, they may be more willing to engage with you and your content.

Set Realistic Goals

You’re not going to suddenly have a million interactions overnight.

Examining goals to determine those of which are (realistically) achievable increases the chance of success. It allows you to maximise resources without wasting unnecessary time, or money, on an unattainable goal. It may even help to keep you motivated.

Smaller, more realistic goals are easier to achieve. So then, every goal achieved is more motivation to achieve another goal. Like this, your presence will build up. And you may even need to use analytical tools to measure the amount of traffic.

I believe there’s a relevant saying here; Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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