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Search Marketing: An Eye For Detail Or The Grand Overview?

I often say to my wife, “I’m not a details guy. I’m more of a grand overview kind of guy”, she once retorted “, I don’t know why you say that as though it’s a good thing”. 

That one comment changed the way I perceived myself. However, I still would argue that I am more of a grand overview kind of character, and I think my work on the whole benefits from that view of things.  I see patterns in things that many people would see as disarray or chaos, such as search results or pay-per-click accounts.

That doesn’t stop me from wondering if my wife is right. In her way, she is pretty meticulous, she is organised and detail orientated.

This is one of the reasons I think we work together, she looks after the details whilst I see myself captaining the ship, but is she right in thinking that I shouldn’t be so upfront about not being detail orientated?. Indeed, aspects of my chosen career require more detailed orientation than others.

 For example, I could tell you to the penny how much I’m spending on the average keyword in a Pay Per Click account I’m managing. But is that being detail orientated? Sadly no.

That goes back to being more macro orientated with my outlook on the world.  I know exactly how much I’m spending because the tiny figures impact the prominent figures and not because the significant statistics are made up of the small figures. 

There is a distinction there, and I think it marks out a difference in how I view the world to some people. Certainly to the way my wife views things.

Is this view of the world just laziness?

After my wife questioned why I was proud that I’m not so detail orientated in general, I started to wonder if I’m just lazy. I’ve concluded I’m not lazy, work more than most and get the job done, generally on time, and usually, I go beyond the call.

Asking Am I disorganised?

I’m about as disorganised as most men. Ten years ago, I would have hated myself for saying that and definitely for what I’m about to say. On my travels, I’ve concluded that there are inherent differences between men and women, which comes out more than ever in the workplace.

 I don’t think I have ever worked with a man that could match a female colleague for organisational skills. I write a sensible today list every day, both for my job and myself, and I always try to get through them, so nothing spills over.

 Indeed, that’s more organised than most? So I fit in with people’s systems. Although I find it a strain to pick up the workings of a system that someone else has laid down, I generally get it.

Showing your methodology

People develop their processes, and generally, unless you let people know what you are doing, these processes can look from an outside perspective to look slightly chaotic. 

Thereby it’s better to show people how and why you do things – learn from them, and they may, in turn, learn from you.

I’m still arguing that for search marketing, I have one of the best outlooks on things; however, I am beginning to accept that it’s more and more critical to be detail-focused because it’s only by being detail-focused can I get people to buy into what I’m trying to say.

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