SEO Agency or DIY: Assessing the Real Value for Your Business Growth

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SEO Agency or DIY: Assessing the Real Value for Your Business Growth

In today’s competitive digital landscape, the significance of SEO in business growth cannot be overlooked. One of the most important elements of business success now is to have a strong online presence, which can be achieved with a comprehensive SEO strategy. Although SEO is essential, many businesses grapple with the tough decision of enlisting an SEO agency or going for a DIY approach, implementing SEO efforts in-house. If you are deciding between working with an SEO agency or DIY SEO, this blog is for you! Let’s assess the real value for your business growth.

Delving deeper into this topic will help us understand the best path for businesses wanting to grow by enhancing their online presence.

Working With An SEO Agency: The Benefits

When assessing the real value for your business growth, it is important to acknowledge the benefits that working alongside an SEO agency can bring.

Expertise and Experience – An SEO agency can offer professionals with specialist skills and an understanding of search engine algorithms and industry trends. The expertise and experience of an SEO agency give your business a competitive edge, implementing strategies that align with the best practices.

Time and Resources – Outsourcing SEO strategies allows you to focus on what’s important, your customers. Working with an SEO agency saves you time and resources to focus on other elements of business growth. When exploring both an SEO agency or DIY, it is important to take into consideration your time and resources when making this decision.

Comprehensive Strategy – An SEO agency is able to develop bespoke, comprehensive strategies aligned with your business goals. Whether it be keyword research, content marketing, backlink building or technical SEO, an SEO agency is able to cover all aspects of SEO to improve your website’s visibility.

Reporting – A huge part of choosing to work with an SEO agency to help you with business growth is the detailed analytics and regular reports they provide. A good SEO agency will provide thorough updates on the performance of your SEO campaigns. Understanding these reports helps you to track your progress and assess the real value of working with an SEO agency for your business growth.

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DIY SEO: The Benefits

When assessing what gives you real value for your business growth, it’s important to understand the benefits of DIY SEO and how implementing these strategies in house may give you the best outcome.

Cost Savings – Of course, it almost goes without saying that doing SEO yourself can save you the cost of outsourcing. Small businesses or startups with limited budgets may opt for DIY SEO to avoid additional expenses.

Control – DIY allows you to have direct control over your SEO campaigns. You are able to make instant adjustments, experiment with different strategies, and have a hands on approach to your website’s optimisation campaigns.

Learning Opportunity – DIY offers a learning opportunity that outsourcing may not necessarily offer. Doing it yourself allows you to gain insight into SEO practices, something that can be hugely beneficial for understanding your business needs and allowing for business growth.

Agility – With an in house approach to SEO, you can respond quickly to market changes. This agility can be beneficial for those businesses in dynamic industries that need quick adjustments to stay ahead of the curve.

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SEO Agency or DIY

Now we have weighed up the advantages that both can bring to the table, it’s time to make the decision: SEO agency or DIY…

When assessing the real value for your business growth, it’s really important to look inward, acknowledge your businesses position, goals and what decision best aligns with that.

Let’s delve into some of my tips that should make the decision between SEO agency or DIY a little easier.

Consider Your Business Goals – Evaluate your business goals and the level of SEO expertise required to make them a reality.

Assess Your Resources – This is what I mean by looking inward. Take a look at your budget, time constraints, and the availability of in house expertise.

Evaluate the Complexity of Your SEO Needs – Some businesses may have simpler SEO requirements, while others may need a more in depth, detailed campaign in order to achieve business growth online. Assess the complexity of your SEO needs to determine whether an SEO agency or DIY is the best option for you.

Assessing the Real Value for Your Business Growth With GrowTraffic

The decision to choose between an SEO agency or DIY depends on so many different factors, including your business goals, resources, and the complexity of your SEO needs. 

Ultimately, both options can contribute to business growth. Which, I know, doesn’t make your decision any easier. Luckily for you, here at GrowTraffic, we offer both options! GrowTraffic, a leading SEO agency has a sister, GrowSkills, focusing on DIY SEO. 

Whether you decide to enlist our team of experts at GrowTraffic or embark on the SEO journey, with support, accountability and the right SEO knowledge, the key is to remain adaptable and continuously evolve alongside the ever evolving digital landscape.

If you would like to understand more about whether an SEO agency or DIY is the right option for you, and how we can help, feel free to reach out to a member of our team.

You can call us on 0161 706 0012 or email

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